Iwona Rozbiewska | Artist in Residence

Iwona Rozbiewska | Artist in Residence

Iwona Rozbiewska Refreshing Rules artist in Residence SEA Foundation Tilburg
Iwona Rozbiewska Refreshing rules, (detail) 2017, used swimming pool tiles, metal, a bean (a cast), 400 cm x 270 cm x 320 cm

AiR Tilburg

Infinity and Surrealism

The Polish artist Iwona Rozbiewska works on two in-situ installations during her residency at SEA Foundation. Rozbiewska creates new applications for used objects and aims to convert these into new forms of usability and spatiality. The installations bear witness to the results of her artistic research which consists of two themes: Objects, materials and the perception of their usefulness. The first theme relates to what the influence of spatial elements like structure, consistency, thickness, surface, bulk, hardness, and other material properties have in the process of signification. 

The second part of Iwona Rosbiewska’a concentrates on the application of subtle accents of surrealism into her installations. For the design of her installations, Iwona draws inspiration from the architecture of Tilburg and the southern Netherlands. By combining the novel applications of usability and spatiality of objects on the one hand, with a familiar surrounding on the other, she evokes an affective process which combines a moment recognition, yet simultaneously adds a moment of estrangement as well, making it a surreal experience. 

About the artist

Iwona Rozbiewska combines minimal forms with the multifaceted aspects of existence. Rozbiewska plays with contrasts, irony, and manifestations of the absurd. She combines opposites like friendly with aggressive forms, open with closed. Her work is the result of a synthesis between scientific, artistic and design perspectives. From this association of points of view, Rozbiewska approached the themes of transformation and transcendence, with which she enters the field of science fiction and irrationality, with the aim of creating fictional worlds and reality, mixed with a dose of theatre, and film.

From 2018, Iwona Rozbiewska is a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin (Poland). She studied Design and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from where she obtained her MFA in Fine Arts in 2013. In 2017 she was awarded an MFA from the Munchen Academy of Fine arts. Prior to this, Iwona obtained her MSc in Political Science at the University of Warsaw in 2006.

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