Reading On Voice | Janneke van der Putten


Reading On Voice | with Janneke van der Putten

people lying under a tree for a listening experience
Janneke van der Putten, Listening_Wo können wir landen?

7 – 8 pm CEST

We read together in person at:
SEA Foundation, Tivolistraat 22, Tilburg

This reading group event is part
of SEA Foundations’ longer-term
research of art and sustainability
fold #11 on Voice

The event is free of charge,
organised by artists and volunteers
of the SEA Foundation.

Moderated by Michaela Davidova


The reading on Voice which comes on the last Thursday in October is devoted to listening. Co-host, artist, performer and vocalist Janneke van der Putten, suggested to read the excerpts from author Pauline Oliveros. Among other titles, we will delve into the book ‘Deep Listening, A Composer’s Sound Practise‘ (2005) and address the ability to listen deeply. According to the artist, it is important to devote to the contemplation as a practice of attuning with oneself and with one’s environment. This knowledge is ancient and contemporary at the same time.

‘My voice is my main tool, guiding me through physical and sonic explorations in different landscapes. Engaging with specific sites and local contexts, and through my personal experiences, I investigate (human) responses to my surroundings, and their relation to natural phenomena and transitions, such as the sunrise.’ (Janneke van der Putten, 2024)

Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros (May 30, 1932 – November 24, 2016) was an American composer whose practice had a major influence on the development of experimental electronic music. In the 60s, she founded and directed San Francisco Tape Music Center. She was teaching music, formulating music theories and writing books that drew attention to concepts such as ‘deep listening’ or ‘music awareness’.

Janneke van der Putten

Janneke van der Putten is a Rotterdam-based visual artist and vocalist/performer holding a BDes in TXT (Textile), Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam, 2009), and a MMus in Artistic Research, Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatoire (The Hague, 2013). Janneke also studied classical North-Indian Dhrupad singing with Amelia Cuni and Marianne Svašek (Berlin & Rotterdam, 2009 – 2014) and is autodidact in various extended vocal techniques.

In 2023 her solo album ‘JNNK’ was released on vinyl and featured in The Wire with an article by Abi Bliss. That same year, Janneke’s long-term research ‘Cycles’ about the day and night rhythm was supported by CBK Rotterdam. Together with composer Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta (PE), she is currently preparing a new music publication of their project ‘Invisible Architecture’, recorded in a waterreservoir.

 Other composers Janneke collaborated with are: Siavash Akhlaghi (IR), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (IN), Werner Durand (DE), Philemon Mukarno (ID/NL), Marcus Schmickler (DE) and Lucie Vítková (CZ).

Janneke van der Putten website

Image credits:

bottom left: Portrait by Gabriëlle Barros Martins
bottom centre: Directed to the Sun, working process 21 dec. 2014, photo by Chris Galarreta
bottom right: Landscape Acoustics and Voice 2017, photo by Jari Ortwig_Cologne

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woman singing nature

Janneke van der Putten singing performance on a trampoline called Sonorous Breathing

woman performance art

Janneke van der Putten holding a red cloth close to a microphone for her sound performance directed to the sun

woman performance art

blindfolded woman attending to a listening session workshop by the artist Janneke van der Putten in Cologne 2017