Johanna Caplliure  | Curator in Residence

Johanna Caplliure Curator in Residence from Spain

On Translation, Curated by Johanna Caplliure, Curator in Residence at SEA Foundation 2017

 “On Translation” 2017, curated by Johanna Caplliure (install shot). Image by Juan Peiro

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Johanna Caplliure

Johanna Caplliure is a curator, philosopher, art critic and a lecturer at the Fine Arts University of UMH (Altea – Valencia, Spain). She is the author of numerous critical articles on hermeneutics, gender studies and cultural studies such as postcolonial thinking, activism and philosophy. In this sense, she analyses the artistic object as well as the poetics in visual arts practices.

Understanding thinking as praxis, as “practice sauvage”, her exhibitions and curatorial works extend to the study of pulp fiction and historical and social narratives. They are products of research in theory, the work in complex networks and studio visits. She considers the building a plot: physically and narratively, the display and the discourse as part of an exhibition. Apart from her work as an art critic and a curator she actively engages in think-tanks which pose questions on art and perspectives of knowledge.

Object of the residency

Currently Johanna Caplliure is investigating the relationships between autobiography, autofiction, and self-reflection in visual arts and literature. In this sense, she tries to show how autofiction can be used to find a new way to explain the world. Fiction is used as a tool to write or explain different forms of building a society, state or personality. With this perspective, Johanna claims that fiction is the field for the subversive poetics of the other. During her residence at SEA Foundation, she further investigates fictocriticism and the ways and cases to describe fiction as a new methodology for knowledge and for art criticism.


Johanna Caplliure has a degree in philosophy and studied in Barcelona, Toulouse and Montréal. She is a PhD candidate in the Contemporary Philosophical Thought Program (UVEG in Valencia) and member of the research group Figuras del Exceso y Políticas del Cuerpo. She is currently curating the exhibition General Distopy, Las Atarazanas, Valencia City Council, April, 2017 and On Translation, Centre del Carme (CCCC) in Valencia and Alicante July 2017. She has curated exhibitions and directed projects in Museums and Contemporary Art Centers, most notably The Ritual Box and The Ritual Box II at The Altar (2016) in La Rambleta in Valencia

She works with international artist like: Laylah Ali (US), Basma Alsharif (US/KW), Tania Blanco (ES), Cabello/Carceller (ES), Nadine Byrne (SE), Chiara Fumai (IT), Nuria Fuster (ES/DE), Guillermo Gomez-Peña (MX), Abigail Lazkoz (ES), Regina de Miguel (ES/DE), Maha Maamoun (EG), Richard Orjis (AU), Pil & Galia Kollectiv (IL/UK), Bernhard Rappold (AT), Ben Russell (US) and Felix Leon Westner (DE)

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The Ritual Box - Altar, Curated by Johanna Caplliure, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Portrait of Johanna Caplliure, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Distopia General, Curated by Johanna Caplliure, Curator in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Distopia General 2017, curated by Johanna Detail: