John Dyer Baizley

John Dyer Baizley

John Dyer Baizley Kvelertak, album cover, 2011
Kvelertak, album cover, 2010

Date 18.04 — 01.06
Opening reception
18 April
3 – 5 pm
the artist is present


A SEA Foundation
in collaboration with
Roadburn festival 2013


The Virgin Spring
The Process and Work of John Dyer Baizley

Baizley is the singer and rhythm guitarist of the American metal band Baroness. Besides a musician, John Dyer Baizley (Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (US), lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US)) is an accomplished fine artist responsible for nearly all the artwork and graphic design surrounding Baroness and he has created memorable art for other bands too.

 Strongly influenced by symbolism from the 19th century along with an encyclopedic knowledge of primitive mysticism, pagan rites and Jungian archetypes, Baizley arrives at a very different place with artwork than has been typically expected from the world of extreme music like Heavy Metal and Punk Rock.

While still embracing the seminal teenage icons like Pushead and Raymond Pettibon, Baizely has created an alternative dialect of imagery with his work, taking us on a new path.

 Baizley’s  artwork recalls the style of late 19th-century Art Nouveau but then in a completely different setting. The work of the Moravian artist Alphonse Mucha springs to mind immediately. But then Mucha’s work is much more light footed. In style and refinement of lines we also see a referral to Audrey Beardsley and Dürer with sculls and feathers pass by. The work is intricately detailed, depicting humans, animals and plant forms, intertwined together like Celtic knot work, hearkened ancient mythologies even William Morris would approve of.

Art and Music

John Baizley’s art and music are intimately linked, both informing and advertising the other. Over the last few years, Baizley’s art and Baroness’s music has gained a cult-like following.

 Now, for the first time in Europe John Baizley’s artwork is to be seen in an exhibition in an esteemed contemporary art gallery. In close cooperation with Roadburn Festival, Sea Foundation presents this exclusive John Dyer Baizley’s exhibition at Gust van Dijk project-room Project Space Tilburg.

John Baizley’s first exhibition in Europe is dedicated to the Spring Virgin and shows us his imagination and the process of his amazingly detailed art produce. 

Baizley says: “In the past mythology was used to explain the inexplicable, now we have to contend with our own knowledge of the world around us. How do we now retain mystery and magic? For the first time my works have been shown to the public, from sketch to finalised work of art. In the show a brief glimpse is offered into my processes as an artist.”

Artist talk

Sunday 20.04.2011 at 4pm
Baizley will talk about his art work in relation to his music
Please make your reservation for the Artist Talk at the gallery, as only 40 people can be present.

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John Netherlands Dyer Baizley The Virgin spring, SEA Foundation 2017
Netherlands John Dyer Baizley, SEA Foundation 2017
John Dyer Baizley Netherlands, SEA Foundation 2017