Jolijn van den Heuvel & Bas de Weerd | sprinkle never-in-a-rush essence


sprinkle never-in-a-rush-essence | Jolijn van den Heuvel & Bas de Weerd

Jolijn van den Heuvel and Bas de Weerd, Das Esszimmer
At the residency Kaiserpassage Bonn, Germany. Studio overview 2021.

06.09 – 16.12



Residency Kaiserpassage

Open Studio 10 am – 5 pm
With snacks and drinks by Marcia Spinelli from Integrated Design KISD

23.09 – 16.12.2021
sprinkle never-in-a-rush essence

Artist Talk by Linda Köke

Collaborative project

Exchange, residency and exhibition

Multidisciplinary artists Jolijn van den Heuvel (Veghel, NL) and Bas de Weerd (Maastricht/NL) have joined forces during an artistic project in Bonn. For the past couple of weeks, the artists have been collaborating and making new works, as well as being introduced to and being part of the city life in Bonn. The results of their explorations will be exhibited in a duo show in DAS ESSZIMMER in Bonn, titled sprinkle never-in-a-rush essence. This project is part of exchanges and collaborations between SEA Foundation and DAS ESSZIMMER in Bonn, Germany, which started in 2015.

The artist share a fascination with the everyday and explore their personal perspective on the impressions of the everyday environment. The surroundings of Bonn will therefore also be the source of inspiration for new work. The artists create diverse references between art, art production, commodities, everyday life and consumption, which change their mutual perception. The question of where art is produced, where it is shown, and by whom it is received is an implicit part of this attempt at construction. The artists mentioned: ‘We do not hesitate to intervene in Bonn’s public space, to urge each other on, to question, to complement or to reflect together on something’.

Jolijn van den Heuvel

Van den Heuvel (1994) completed her Bachelor of Art and Education at the Fontys Hogeschool voor Kunsten in Tilburg, with a specialization in Minor Art and Context: Philosophy and Concept Development. Her multimedia practice focuses, amongst other things, on the often unnoticed details in the world. She transforms these moments and fragments into fragmentary poetic gestures, by adding meaning and feeling to it. In addition to her artistic occupation, she is a writer for the cultural platform Witte Rook, and a co-founder of the art initiative ZUIVER.

Bas de Weerd

De Weerd (1990) completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the St. Joost School of Art & Design Den Bosch. Furthermore, he studied Fine Art and Design in Education at Zuyd Hogeschool in Maastricht. His artistic practice is focused on painting techniques and processes, as well as the ephemeral such as shadow/light, which are inherently linked to a time and place. For this project, De Weerd will focus on working on canvas and interventions in the public space.

A temporary studio

During three weeks the artists will inhabit a vacant store in the Kaiserpassage. This store will be transformed into a temporary laboratory and studio, a visible workshop that is both a starting point and conclusion for their daily explorations. The work process will be influenced by the location and becomes open to the public as the artists explicitly invite visitors into a conversation with them. From their stay in the (Kaiser)PASSAGE the two artists have developed their exhibition in DAS ESSZIMMER. Furthermore, it will also be part of the PASSAGE project, which will continue to take possession of vacant storefronts until December 31 this year. Their newly created works will appear as a reflection and contemplation of the developments they went through in different places in the same city.

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Website: Bas de Weerd

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