Jolijn van den Heuvel | Between Hands

Jolijn van den Heuvel | Between Hands

Alsstofzovoeldehetaan_header picture
Jolijn van den Heuvel, Als stof zo voelde het aan, 2019

30.01 – 15.02


Opening reception
Thursday 30 January
7:30 pm – 9 pm
in the presence
of the artist



30.01.2020 – ArtRabbit






Jolijn van den Heuvel

Between Hands is an exhibition by emerging artist Jolijn van den Heuvel. With her multi-medial work, Jolijn van den Heuvel focuses her attention on the commonly unnoticed details in the world around us. By isolating these moments and fragments, she generates the world in numerous poetic gestures.

Transcending the anecdotal

“My work arises from moments of unconscious interaction in daily life, often between me, places, people, and things. Within these moments I want to capture the “marginal” aspects of our society, such as how people leave traces behind.

I often work with different media such as video, photography, and ceramics that I bring together in the physical form of an installation. With my work, I want to “recharge” existing objects and situations with meaning and feeling, so that they speak again. These poetic gestures are the expression of an invisible inner world, in which I want to communicate universally. With my images, I want to transcend the anecdotal by creating a poetic visual language.”

#sea_youhere 2019 | the end

Between Hands by Jolijn van den Heuvel marks the end of the virtual vitrine #sea_youhere 2019. This project virtually hosted a group of 12 artists. Each month, one artist presented three works. By directing attention to their professional practices and their individual or collective projects on our website and social media, a wider audience was envisaged. The 2019’s participants were Lauren Berkowitz (AU), Kacey Wong (HK), Johanna Bruckner (AT), Nicholas Daubanes (FR), Antonio Fiorentino (IT), Jeewi Rosa Lee (KR/DE), Vasco Araujo (PT), Eleni Bagaki  (GR), Marco Ivic (VZ/CR), Xiaoyi Chen (CN), Frederic Geurts (BE) and Jessica Van Deursen (NL).

In my end is my beginning: in my beginning is my end”

T.S. Elliot

Live edition

The Virtual Vitrine sea_youhere 2019 live edition Between Hands is a solo show by the Dutch artist Jolijn van den Heuvel. It brings the Virtual Vitrine back to the Netherlands and into the transparency of real-life at SEA Foundation vitrine and exhibition space. Van den Heuvel’s work is characterized by her diverse and multi-media approach, reflecting the manifold of different artists, themes and media represented during the #sea_youhere 2019 project. The sea_youhere project was initiated by Giusy V. Castaldo.

Venue: SEA Foundation

Theoretical perspective: Art and poetry in Jolijn van de Heuvel’s practice
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