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Junsheng Zhou, Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper, 2017, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017

 Junsheng Zhou, Untitled 2016

May 2017


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Junsheng Zhou

SEA Foundation welcomes Junsheng Zhou (b.1989 in Beijing). He moved to Prague where he graduated from the school of Film and TV at the Academy of Performing Arts. Afterwards Junsheng Zhou found his way to the Jan van Eyck, Multiform institute for fine art, design and reflection, for a 2 year program in Maastricht, which he finished in 2017.

Junsheng Zhou’s work consists of photographs that function as a medium for texts and installations. The Chinese word for photography zhaoxiang combines the character 照 (zhao, to illuminate, to reflect, to mirror, to understand) and 相 (xiang, appearance, form, phase and mutuality). Their combined semantic space corresponds closely to what Junsheng Zhou does. Junsheng Zhou’s work deals with ideas of time and language, implementing a surface between the object and the artist, representing the representation itself.

Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper

Junsheng Zhou worked for 18 hour at a time based work named ‘Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper’. In general Zhou’s practice also probes themes such as the use of uselessness and the representation of representation. For the work “Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper” (2017) Junsheng Zhou used interval photography to document the temporary workspace space he occupied, and those who occupied this space with him also feature. These images are archived and processed in large sheets of paper, resembling a grid of data. The work in situ stays at SEA Foundation until another artist needs the space and doen’t want to use the work in situ as wallpaper.

Exhibition: The Cloud in Rapids

The exhibition The Cloud in Rapids focuses on the growing data collection technology of and it’s effect on society. It’s not the question anymore ‘if’ we participate, but rather how’. Whether it’s the rise of social media and the sharing economy, or working from a cloud environment with a smart device; all aspects of life are becoming increasingly connected, but at what price? Other participating artists are Janet Chan (AU), Simon Denny (NZ), Jonas Lund (SE), SangJun Yoo (KR) and Damon Zucconi (USA).

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Junsheng Zhou, Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Portrait of Junsheng Zhou, Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
Junsheng Zhou, Untitled 2016, Wallpapering Wallpapered Wallpaper, SEA Foundation 2017