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Book Launch | Keeping Eyes Afloat

Keeping Eyes Afloat in production, Portrait of Amy Althuizen, Robert Proost, SEA Foundation 2017
Amy Althuizen at the printers. Keeping Eyes Afloat  is being produced, 2017

By Riet van Gerven

Date: 30.03.2017
at 5pm



Kaldi Tilburg
Willem II Straat 68
5038 BJ Tilburg

SEA Foundation
in collaboration with
TILT Festival 2017

Book Launch

Keeping Eyes Afloat | Robert Proost


Writing about art is problematic. Does writing on art diminish its expressiveness? After three years of writing for SEA Foundation, Robert Proost dares to answer this question with ‘no’. Ten essays and eleven poems (in Dutch and in English) are now gathered into one book.

Keeping Afloat Eyes is not just a record of three years of art exhibitions at SEA Foundation, it is an exploration of looking and experiencing contemporary art. Robert Proost fully utilized the freedom he got from Riet van Gerven, SEA Foundation’s coordinator. Therefore each text has its own form, tone and perspective. The writer searched for common ground between looking and writing, between the visual arts and literature and between imagination and words. Language appears to be just as flexible as visual art. Text makes the image more accessible, makes you see things you would not have seen without the text. Text can make your eyes wander and while you keeping them afloat.

The book has been written, designed and printed as an independent art object. Writing, translation, coordination, printing and binding is mainly done by volunteers. For the love of art.

This took time, energy and money. That is why the book launch is also a kick-off for a crowdfunding project. The goal is to create a second, larger edition for distribution among art galleries and museums in The Netherlands and abroad. This is only possible through generous donations of fellow art lovers. More about these plans will be told during the book launch.

Admission is free

Editorial coordination: Riet van Gerven
Text and Poems: Robert Proost
Translation: Robert Proost and Heleen klomp
Graphic design: Amy Althuizen
Printed in The Netherlands by Habé Drukkerij Tilburg

ISBN/EAN 978-90-826841-2-4
Pages: 146
First edition: 50
Publisher: SEA Foundation Tilburg

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