Kim Pattiruhu & Betonmolen | Slow Movies

Slow Movies by Kim Pattiruhu & Betonmolen

Kim Pattiruhu & Betonmolen, Slow Movies (2016), installation view.


Cultuurnacht Tilburg
Presentation of Slow Movies
in the presence of
the artists

Venue: SEA Foundation


Slow Movies

Documentary photographer Kim Pattiruhu (Vlissingen 1982) and sound modulator Betonmolen (Niek van Hulten (Waalwijk 1983)), will present Slow Movies (2016) during the Cultuurnacht Tilburg (Night of Culture Tilburg). Slow Movies are the first results of their collaboration.

Slow Movies are created during an artist in residency in May 2016, when the duo stayed at Werk aan het Spoel near Culemborg. The surroundings of Culemborg on Lek are characterized by panoramic landscapes which are intersected by the concrete disruptions of the ‘Hollandse Waterlinie’, birds, cows, amateur cyclists and wind. During their stay, a series of contemplative short films was created and in a later stage modified. 

On 29 October, the artist duo will present one of the films they made together. The duration of the two-channel movie is 120 seconds and is looped. The soundtrack is fed through a series of filters and effects and continues to change over time. The changing sound does not alway seems to fit to that what you see. This contrast raises the question whether what you hear complements what you see.