Kristine White | Artist in residence


Kristine White | Artist in Residence

white and pink fabric with the paper cut outs behind narrating the story, the paper cut out of the hands in the left bottom corner
Kristine White, Mad Fairy Tales, 2021

A.i.R. Tilburg

Kristine White has a long standing history of working within the performing arts combining paper-cuts, shadow and video projections. In her art practise, she is interested in exploring themes such as queerness, ecology and land-based practises, communality and the essential nature of live, human-to-human and human-to-land interaction. Within her residency at SEA Foundation, White will delve into topics such as the kitsch aesthetics, body positivity, sensuality within nature, bio-eroticism, environmental degradation as related to disconnection from our bodies, among others topics.

As an artist often working in collaborative and performative projects, she aims to pay attention to reimagining her artistic practice within the exhibition context and lay a foundation for critical understanding of her artistic research.

Kristine White

Kristine White is a multidisciplinary artist with a practise rooted in visual and installation arts, as well as live performance. She collaborates with other artists, dancers, actors, and musicians to tell stories and create new worlds. As an artist, Kristine has worked for theatre companies designing puppets, props, and costumes, led workshops in public art and facilitated community-based creative activities. Fascinated by the simplicity of light and shadow, much of Kristine’s work uses shadow puppetry, light boxes, and/or paper-cut shadow castings. Kristine has been awarded several Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council grants to support her visual and performance arts projects.

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Kristine White, RidingHood, 2020
Kristine White, 2022
Kristine White, shadow exploration, 2022