Larissa Schepers | WARP #13


Larissa Schepers | WARP #13

Larissa Schepers, Stop laughing, it's not funny' - Please stop this, shit please stop, 130x50 cm, 2020.
Larissa Schepers, ‘Stop laughing, it’s not funny’ – Please stop this, shit please stop, 130 x50 cm, 2020.

03.11.2023 – 25.11.



WARP is an ongoing exhibition project with regional artists. WARP is borrowing its name from a term that is widely used in the textile tradition. Warp is setting the direction of the threads when weaving. Warp threads run vertically and provide structure to the woof; the weft threads that are being wrapped around the warp.

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Radical care

Larissa Schepers is an artist based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She specializes in utilizing various textile techniques, such as weaving, knitting, and embroidery with a particular focus on the captivating effects of beads.

In a world characterized by relentless time and the frenetic pace of modern life, Schepers deliberately chooses a slower, more intentional approach reflecting her reverence for craftsmanship. In an era of fast-paced consumption and fleeting encounters, Schepers advocates contemplative creation, encouraging us to pause, appreciate, and engage with life.

Schepers’ artistic process is a harmonious fusion of materials and techniques, inviting the observer to establish a tactile connection with her work. The textures and intricate details beckon exploration, compelling the viewer to engage on a deeper level. In this manner, Schepers’ work transcends its physical form, serving as a catalyst for contemplation on subjects like care, social justice, and empowerment.

More than objects

The works of Larissa Schepers embody a larger narrative and resonate with the viewer on a visceral level. Every thread and bead serves as a conduit for the artist’s intention, underscoring her dedication to the medium. The interplay of technique and material fosters a profound connection between the artist and the audience. They spark reflection and dialogue on pressing issues surrounding closeness, responsibility, and the legacy of our time.

Q&A with Larissa Schepers

What does Empowerment mean for you?
“Empowerment is this force of energy that can be given to you, by yourself or by others. For me, it’s a spiritual realm/space in which connection, slowing down, and wonderment come together. I call it a space/realm because for me it feels like a room, a big spacious space in which you can feel full filled, a feeling as big as a room that is filled with high-vibration energy and is all about extending yourself to a “next level” It’s an investment from one energetic being to another, almost like a belief system, in which you transform from discourage to: ‘ I have never done that before, but I think I can do it’. It is an extension of your inner belief system.”

How is the concept of empowerment reflected in your work?
“While creating my work individually I step into this realm/space of connection with myself, I listen and try to hear the things that need to be heard. My work has a very intuitive approach and I am always on the search for this ‘bigger than myself’ feeling. I look for certain kind of symbolism that does not have a defined meaning but creates a willingness for connection. Mostly through the idea of: ‘I really want to touch’. Most of the works I make are made out of beads, beads are a multicultural material that has been used in all countries over the world. Within cultural history, it has been used as a way of communication that talks about social hierarchy and status. This material has been created from human hands and has been used as a resource for trading, the material itself also has been used for trading in slavery times. It’s a material that from its cultural and historical perspective has a lot of meaning and depth in all the stories that have to be told. I like to challenge myself to dive into the material and create something completely different than the hardness of the material. I am not only creating my work by myself, I also work together on this symbolism with others, mainly women. We embroider together on the same frame and have deep conversation about womanhood, the conversations are vulnerable and beautiful.”

How do you feel empowered by the people you work with? (maybe also related to the community work you do.)
“The people I work with teach me important life lessons and together we create room for equality, I learn languages that are not only bound by words and letters but we create a new language by working with our hands and body language. They give me a different perspective on my art practice and what it means to be a female artist.”

Could you discuss the work you will present at SEA and its focus? (also a few thoughts on inspiration and work process)
“One of the works is inspired by traditional Chinese window frames, in which a lot of symmetry occurs. For me this work represents a modern symbolism for protection and healing and at the same time it’s a new way to view the world in which we live. The work is hand embroidered with beads and as the glass beads as a material have a hard feel and look, I try to work with the materials as if it is soft. Next to that I also present some of my thoughts and research on working with beads and their spiritual meaning. I look for ways to implement the glass beads into objects and embody the objects with something bigger.”

Bio Larissa Schepers

Larissa Schepers (1995) lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands. She gained a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Design from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (2019). After an initial fling with fashion design, she realised that textiles is the medium in which she wanted to express herself. Larissa Scheepers exhibited mainly in the Netherlands in places such as the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven in 2023, Bindweefsel Textielmuseum Tilburg in 2022 and she received a Commission from the Municipality Tilburg. In 2021 she took part in the Master Apprentice program in Amsterdam and also in Vrouwenwerk (Womens’ work) at Muzee Scheveningen in Den Haag.

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Larissa Schepers, Headshot, 2021, handwoven with 6612 beads
Larissa Schepers, at her studio
Larissa Schepers, Niemandsland, 2021