Art, what do we want from it?

Street front, photo Niek Hendrix
Project Space Tilburg store front, photo Niek Hendrix

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Why art is relevant?

Within developments in contemporary society, in the last decade, art and culture are in a constant flux. In the wider field, the elements by which art is defined, are stretched. Not only by artists themselves, but also by policymakers and politicians. So to refocus on why art and artists are relevant, is important. Still, there are more questions than answers for professionals and interested enthusiasts.

At SEA Foundation we are convinced that knowledge transfers are the only key to sort out what contemporary art is all about. This is why SEA Foundation not only arranges projects, residencies, discussions and lively activities to open up dialogue, to link art and society, but also develops a curriculum of courseware to address this subject.

Open your eyes

Curiosity, openness, and dialogue are the most important tools for engaging with art. This engagement starts with looking at art. The first question we ask: ‘What are you looking at?’. Start learning about how to appreciate art more with our courseware e-book Art Binoculars©

Focus on supportive fields

To transfer knowledge about contemporary art on a peers level, we offer courseware and develop courses and masterclasses on three supportive fields of expertise: Collecting, Curating and Writing. For all for those who want to dive in deeper.