At SEA Foundation we aim to acquire, produce and disseminate knowledge through creation, contemplation, collaboration and research. Over the past months, the collection has been inventoried and catalogued and is now open to visits from our audiences. In our library, visitors and residents can study and enjoy over 2500 publications in fields like art, art history, art management, curation, ecology, personal development and socio-political topics. Moreover, visitors can find in our library exhibition catalogues, monographs and artist’s books.

We are currently in the process of still cataloguing our growing library collection, a project that started in 2020. Our expanding catalogue can be found on libib

Our library is open from 12 – 4 pm by appointment Tuesday – Friday. Please note that the library and the study room are located on the first floor. Unfortunately, there is no access for disabled persons. Because of COVID-19 safety measurements, group sizes have been maximised to 2 persons at the same time.


Every four months we bring to the attention a body of library content, recommended literature and new acquisitions that are connected to a specific fold within our long-term Art and Sustainability research program. These book lists are compiled in collaboration with contributing artists, curators and theorists and published on our website.

The reading groups take place monthly and anyone can join the reading circles because they are conducted both online and offline. By reading texts together that are related to sustainability and suggested by the invited main reader we seek to find connections between the assigned literature, ourselves and each other sharing experiences and discussing reflections.

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Reading group sessions

Book lists