Lucandrea Baraldi | Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1

Lucandrea Baraldi | Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1

Lucandrea Baraldi Unfolding Experiential Landscapes
Lucandrea Baraldi’s Experiential Landscapes

Lucandrea Baraldi


‘Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1’


SEA Foundation, Tilburg
24.05 – 11.06.2019



Lucandrea Baraldi

In 2018 the Italian artist and ‘experience and narrative designer’ Lucandrea Baraldi was Artist in Residence at SEA Foundation. He developed and extended his model of so-called ‘experiential landscapes’. He defines experiential landscapes as “alive collections of elements such as memories, cultural associations, sensory and emotional nuances.” In May and June 2019 he presents his new work ‘Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1’ at SEA Foundation.

Experiential Landscapes

Lucandrea Baraldi’s Lucandrea Baraldi’s practice balances on the verge of contemporary art and design. The exhibition at SEA Foundation is part of the larger series ‘Atlas of Experiential Landscapes’. In this series the artist researches the subjective-objective relationship between people and objects, spaces or systems. With this research Lucandrea Baraldi collects experiments and analytical methodologies. He approaches and examines objects not merely as physical or functional tools, but through individual experiences and narratives. He specifically aims for the links between the physical aspects of the object and the subjective associations it incites.

Used Soda Cup

With the experiential landscapes model Lucandrea Baraldi analyses a mundane and undesirable object: a used soda cup. At SEA Foundation he exhibits the navigational tools with which he conducted the analysis. Through custom navigational instruments, text and maps, he creates a spatial installation that drops the visitors into the invisible landscape of personal meaning that is hidden behind the physical and general meaning. He invites the audience to dive into these deeper layers that go beyond practical use. In doing so, he offers a new take on an everyday-life object that would otherwise have been regarded as ‘trash’ or ‘junk’.


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