Marjo Postma | Symbiosis



Marjo Postma, ceramics 2020,

04.09. – 11.10.



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03.09.2020 – Stadsnieuws
03.09.2020 –
31.08.2020 – Ticket to Tilburg
25.08.2020 – Resartis


Marjo Postma

Marjo Postma (Ulestraten, Limburg 1958) is an artist based in Amsterdam. Marjo Postma is the 1984 recipient of the Prix de Rome. She was a resident at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Postma’s work consists of drawings, paintings, linocuts, embroideries and has been shown mainly in the Netherlands and with regular intervals in Italy.


Postma’s work is inspired by marine life and sub-aquatic encounters. In pursuit of a state of weirdness and disconnection of understanding, the works move towards soft-core science fiction. In Marjo Postma’s own words she describes what inspires her: “Everything that moves, in the air or on the ground, like plants, trees and especially the underwater world has my interest. The images I ‘capture’ in my drawings, prints, and paintings are my encounters, dreams, and adventures. My thoughts wander and what I see I adapt in my own style: recognizable forms will be seen as details in a new form, constructions can become living creatures. For me, drawing is like thinking with a pencil; traveling in the endless ocean where imagination has no limits. There is only premeditation but no storyboard. The result is like a frozen moment in time.”


Symbiosis is a presentation of works on paper and ceramics by Marjo Postma. Her work process is intuitive and organic. Postma adds a pre-visualization by fabricating an imaginative plan that allows unexpected appearances. The curatorial approach towards the exhibition is similar to the work process of the artist. By building trust and engaging in layered discussions, like posing questions about the work, the process, and outcomes, we aim to expose the emotion, transgression, and transcendence in Postma’s work. The exhibition focuses on unearth connections within the visual layers as well as researching added layering of the transposed inspiration. All to find a deeper meaning in Marjo Postma’s works.


Studio encounter by Lieselotte Egtberts
Website Marjo Postma
Instagram Marjo Postma
The SEA Foundation catalogue was designed by Sooji Lee (edition 39)
Marjo Postma produced an artist’s book titled Rare Specimen (edition 13)
Both books are available in our webshop

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