Masta creative activism network

Mašta network for creative activism

Mašta magazine for creative activism,  Issue #7: Growth

Date: 11.09 — 14.09
Mašta magazine

a SEA Foundation production
in addition to
Incubate Festival 2011 

Mašta, zine for creative activism

At SEA Foundation we believe in organic creativity. This is just the start of a vision. Things can change. We are alive, experimental, curious and new. Therefore, SEA Foundation thought it a good idea to add a complementary showcase to Incubate 2011 on DIY and activism. We have chosen Mašta, network for creative activism, as it is an international initiative, dedicated positive provocation.

Mašta is an international collective of journalists, writers, artists, researchers, makers, third party fists. They multiply and report on creative acts that reflect the world we actually live in. That is why Mašta magazine reports on innovative ways to address socio-political problems and to inspire old and mobilize new forces for social change.
Mašta means ‘imagination’. It also means ´whatever´. Growing from input, actions and creations, Masta publishes a sparkling magazine to tickle your imagination and inspire you to act. The magazine is dedicated to novel ways in which to highlight social issues through activism. Mašta is put together from submissions from a broad network of European activists, the content of Mašta reflects a broad range of issues concerning young people all over Europe.
Mašta is an international platform for creativity and activism. It is European based, but worldwide and geographically borderless and it has spread to at least twenty countries. Borderless means for Masta: different countries, different cultures, different people, different media, different perspectives. No borders, no rules.

Positive provocation

Masta network wants to inspire, give ideas, solutions and answers, make people think ‘queer’; think round instead of square, and see things from other perspectives. We encourage people to express and act themselves and enlighten their minds with good ideas. We share our writings: creative acts is a magazine existing of a collective, creative process rather than a bundle of individual expressions. It will be one flow of everything all together: who makes or contributes. Everybody can be involved, even just as a passer-by in a street performance is part of it.

Creative activism. An “open source”,  do-it-yourself approach. A DIY magazine. The magazine exists of different forms of creative expression, images, articles, art, discussion, sharing of ideas and experiences. Masta wishes to be inspired by the creative acts of others. Creative acts are not a static piece of paper but a creative process.

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