Miradonna Sirkka | Artist in residence


Miradonna Sirkka | Artist in Residence

Miradonna Sirkka. Image by Iidaliina Linnea
Miradonna Sirkka. Image by Iidaliina Linnea

February –
March 2022

25.02 – 27.03.2022
Living Like There is No Tomorrow

Public performance
From 7:30 pm at SEA Foundation

This residency is part
of SEA Foundation’s longer-term
research on art and sustainability
in fold #03 on Happiness.




A.i.R Tilburg

Miradonna Sirkka

“With my work, I am trying to visualise how abrupt changes can happen. I build labyrinths and perform on stage. It is about capturing the sudden surprise that comes after showing a pre-studied sequence that triggers another field of awareness”.

Did you notice there was a person in a yellow jacket?
Did you notice someone was smiling?
Have you seen the sunlight from the window? The sound is on

At times in my life, the sound is on. The real world mixes up with the imagination and suddenly I find myself unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not. I call it a cartoon world. It lasts maybe 10 minutes or so and then it stops. Everything goes back to normal. The sound goes off. These snippets are the lead inspiration for my immersive works that are invasively personal experiences to which I may invite other participants or the public to submerge themselves.

The sound goes on

I go to the supermarket. My partner tells me he wants to separate. And the sound goes on.

I am climbing up on a track next to the waterfall. And the sound goes on. It is an urban safari and I am the guide.

Hello, Welcome to the ride of our lives. Ride on. And the sound goes on.

The trick

Sirkka creates unique performances, art experiences and immersive worlds with contemporary circus, art, music and other media. In her practice, she raises questions that are either simple or absurdly difficult to answer. What does the voice inside of your head sound like? Why is your privileged life, your art or your travels so important that you can satisfy yourself at the expense of others or the environment? Her work appeals to the imagination, and at the same time, it disorientates the complexity of a rhetorical worldview, and it directs the attention back to everyone’s own complexity. “This is the “trick” that I rely on and at times when it happens it triggers an indescribable feeling of awareness and it is the very core of my imagination.”


Miradonna Sirkka (1991, Rovaniemi, Finland) graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2016 and holds a Master degree in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art from Aalto University, Finland (2020). She is the co-founder of Recover Laboratory in Helsinki, which is a platform for surreal art experiences; immersive, site-specific artworks, performances and temporary installations.

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