Claudia de la Torre | The Moulting Season

The Moulting Season artist book

Claudia de la Torre, The Moulting Season, at SEA Foundation
Claudia de la Torre, The Moulting Season, Artist publication 2012

Date: 06.09.2012
4:00 pm
Book launch
The Moulting Season
Claudia De La Torre
Artist book


SEA Foundation in
collaboration with
Back Bone Books
An addition to
Incubate festival 2012

Book launch

The Moulting Season

Books are an inevitable part of Claudia de la Torres’s (Mexico 1980) artistic practice. Therefore establishing her own publishing house is something that naturally became part of her work a few years ago. Back Bone Books is based in Berlin and aims at creating objects, fields, spaces in relation to the book as a highly historical and contemporary medium – Back Bone Books performs consistently in a fexible, conceptual and collaborative process. An ever moving construction (organic structure), invariably morphing within it’s (in-)/visible productions.

The Moulting Season is an 19 page, artist book by Claudia de la Torre, produced in Tilburg and made to accompany the solo exhibition to present Back Bone Books at SEA Foundation. The book launch takes place during the opening reception of the exhibition as a SEA Foundation addition to Incubate 2012, festival of independent culture. 

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Claudia de La Torre
Back Bone Books
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Artist talk
Back Bone Books
Claudia de la Torre
Sunday 16 September 2012
at 3pm

The Moulting Season
Artist book
Publisher: BackBoneBooks, 2012
Hardcover: 19 pages, bird feather
Product dimensions: 21 x 29,7 cm
Color laser print
Signed and numbered
Print run: 50

The Moulting Season is still on sale through SEA Foundation or at the independent publishing house backbonebooks. Do you want to buy your own  copy now? Please go to our shop.