SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, network-based organisation. We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. We are artist-led, foster relationships and care greatly for our regional and international networks, These create opportunities for those that engage with us. A warm network is hugely beneficial for us an organisation too. SEA Foundation is an active member of local and international art- and artist related networks.

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We appreciate and thank funders and donors for the support that we receive now, and have received over the years. To continue our work we keep seeking support from public and private sector partners. This support is vital to the success of our work. Every euro that you give us will go directly towards supporting artists t all stages of their careers. Your donation will help us provide the crucial support artists need to develop and make new work and keep our programmes open to the public. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.
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De Zaak Nu is a Dutch interest group that represents presentation organizations and institutions, such as artist run initiatives
Res artists worldwide network of artist residencies
De kunst van Brabant vereniging voor kunst in Brabant - Nederland sea foundation

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