Book list fold #04 on No hurry


Recommended reading fold #04 on No hurry

Recommended reading on No hurry 2022
Photo credits: SEA Foundation

April – July 2022

This recommended reading
list is part of SEA Foundations’
art and sustainability program
in fold #04 on No hurry

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The library is open for reading
by appointment from 12 – 4 pm
on Thursday – Saturday.
The group size is maximised
to 3 persons at the same time.

Please Note
The library and the study room
are located on the first floor.
Unfortunately, there is no access
for disabled persons.


Publications on No hurry

For fold #04 on No hurry, our ambassador, Dutch artist and embroiderer Alexandra Drenth, has selected publications that have connections to her artistic practice and to the fold’s theme: No hurry. Read more about how Drenth integrates her favourite books into her practice here.

Selected reading list

Books on textiles:

Dean, Beryl. Ideas for Church Embroidery. Charles T. Branford, 1968.

Hunter, Clare. Threads of Life: A History of the World through the Eye of a Needle. Sceptre, 2019.

Lugtigheid, René. Van aardse stof tot hemels lof: de transitie van de achttiende-eeuwse Noord-Nederlandse damesjapon van modeartikel tot kerkelijk gewaad in de katholieke eredienst. Verloren, 2021.

Montijn, Ileen. Tot op de draad: de vele levens van oude kleren. 2017.


Books on mysticism:

Beatrijs, and Jos Huls. De zeven manieren van minne. Ten Have ; Carmelitana, 2002.

Hadewijch, and Frans van Bladel. Hadewijch, die minne es al. Davidsfonds/Literair, 2002.

Jongen, L. Heiligenlevens in Nederland en Vlaanderen. B. Bakker, 1998.

Merton, Thomas. Louteringsberg. Lannoo, 2001.

Voorvelt, Cornelius Petrus. De Fioretti van Sint Franciscus. Het leven van broeder Juniperus. Het leven van de zalige Egidius. Gottmer, 1976.



Clavin, Hans. L’Angerie: visuele poëzie. De Bezige Bij, 1973.

Frisbie, Johnny, and Tinke Davids. Puka-Puka. Pandora, 1996.

Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philipp August. Kunst-Formen der Natur. Book on Demand Ltd., 2015.

Reve, Gerard Kornelis van het. De avonden: Een winterverhaal. De Bezige Bij, 2016.

Voskuil, J. J. Het bureau. G.A. van Oorschot, 1996.

Voskuil, Johannes J. De moeder van Nicolien. Van Oorschot, 2020.


Recommended further reading fold #04:

Latour, Bruno. Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime. Polity, 2018.

Latour, Bruno, and Julie Rose. After lockdown. Polity Press, 2021.

Latour, Bruno, and Peter Weibel, ed. Critical zones: observatories for earthly politics. The MIT Press, 2020.

Sharma, Sarah. In the meantime: temporality and cultural politics. Duke University Press, 2014.

The Sustainable Darkroom. This is (Still) Not a Solution. London Alternative Photography Collective, 2020.

Watson, Julia, and Wade Davis. Lo-TEK: design by radical indigenism. Taschen, 2019.

Wohlleben, Peter, and Jane Billinghurst. The Hidden Life of Trees. David Suzuki Institute: Greystone Books, 2018.

Watanabe, Chikako. Netting Air – From the Low Land. Mizue Nakamure: HeHe, 2018.


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