Open Call for artists, writers, curators and art institutions

Open Call for artists, writers, curators and institutions

Open Call to co-host a reading group deadline 30.08.2024 Topic: Memory design: Marina Menéndez-Pidal
design by Marina Menèndez-Pidal

15.07 – 31.08


The application window
is now open.
The deadline for submissions is
31 August 2024

Open Call

To co-host a reading group

We are calling art professionals and art organisations to join our network and become a Co-Host for one of our reading events. Each reading session is hosted physically in the Netherlands or a nearby Country for approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. The reading can also be joined on-line from anywhere in the world. In the past 3 years, we welcomed artists, curators, writers, and collectives who suggested a text for the monthly reading session that were held in our space in Tilburg or in other venues in nearby countries. This Open Call is an invitation to connect.

Does your work resonate with “Memory’?

For whom

  • Apply when you have an active and professional practice as an artist, writer, curator, art researcher;
  • We welcome individual applicants, duos, collectives, and organisations;
  • For inspiration we recommend reading the reference text on Memory on our website or checking out the booklist on Memory we compiled;
  • Use this form to submit your application.


  • The readings take place on the last Thursday of the month i.e. 28 November 2024, 30 January 2025, and 27 February 2025
  • We pay an honorarium of 150 euros and reimburse travel costs (within Europe)


  • are willing to join us at the SEA Foundation in Tilburg or can co-host elsewhere;
  • suggest a text (approximately 10 pages from any type of publication) that we may read together with the group;
  • can share, in a talk moderated by Julia Fidder, why the chosen text resonates with your practice, research or institution.


This google form must be used to submit your application. On this form share your contact and practice details, and tell us how the theme of Memory resonates with you, your practice or the work you do as an institution. If you have in mind what text you want to read, let us know your thoughts. You might also be inspired by the titles we already have in our library or the booklist on Memory.

If you have any questions contact Lupita Paredes at sftb <at>


  • SEA’s team will select 3 applications (one for each month).

Additional Details
Together we read an excerpt and talk about the text through the lens of artistic practices. In this sense, we are not reflecting on the text but searching for its diffraction* into artistic research. 

* The concept of reading diffractively, as conceived by Karen Barad in her work “Meeting the Universe Halfway” (2007), proposes moving beyond obstacles and engaging in a collaborative reading process where texts interact with each other rather than oppose one another. At the SEA Foundation, we are intrigued by the unforeseen and innovative results that emerge from art and art-related activities, including art criticism, curation, and research, when approached through the lens of various theoretical, academic, fictional, poetic, or other literary works. We seek to explore how these diverse sources can intersect and inspire creative outcomes.

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