Paul Drissen – boogje boogje lijn lijn kleur vlak punt.

Paul Drissen created specially for the eponymous, same name solo exhibition, an artist publication boogje boogje lijn lijn kleur vlak punt. The artist indicates that this artist book is meant to be seen as an autonomous work in his solo show at Project Space Tilburg. The introduction is in two languages NL/EN and written by Paula van den Bosch, Paul Drissen’s partner for 20 years, who also curated the show.

This unique book is intended as an work of art and creates new links between the exhibited works and the material reality of the paper. This is reflected in the choice of images as well as the book’s layout and design. The concept is reinforced by the manual Riso-print of the book.

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Text: Paula van den Bosch
Artist: Paul Drissen
Dimensions: 28×20 cm,
Pages: 24 pages
Paper: different papers
Manual Riso-print
year of publishing 2015
Produced in collaboration with Jan Van Eyck in Maastricht
Price: 35 euro