Grieve with me | Julia Fidder

‘Grieve with Me’ is an invitation to imagine alternative ways of grief in today’s world. In an attempt to oppose normative thought caused by capitalist thinking and the privatization of grief due to neoliberalism, the publication explores shared grieving rituals and communal mourning in contemporary times.

By adapting a variety of writing formats and including diverse artistic agents, this publication situates itself as a curatorial project that is composed of biographical texts, essays and selected artistic productions. The contributors to the publication are artists and artistic practitioners Nadine Byrne, Mariia Mytrofanova, Mourning School, Juliana Irene Smith and Jeroen van Wijk. Their contributions were supported to find an outcome in a non-traditional publication format, allowing the inclusion of textile works, sound pieces and objects.
The publication is a limited edition of 25 copies
Design by Emese Veszely
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