Hester van Tongerlo – Copy Paste

Copy Paste is Hester van Tongerlo’s first artist’s publication. The artist book accompanies the exhibition Copy Paste that shows the works she conceived and made.

It documents the works that are on view at SEA Foundation, plus the development and experimentation Hester conducted during her residency as well as some of her earlier works.

In her practice, Hester van Tongerlo deals with questions concerning identity. How do we see ourselves and others? How does our surrounding influence our perception of ourselves and the perception of others?

Artist’s book
Author: Hester van Tongerlo
Pages: 26
Cover: Hard cover
Dimensions: 21,5 x 15 cm | 8.3” x 5.9”
Editions: 20, signed and numbered
Publisher: SEA Foundation

Website Hester van Tongerlo
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