How to approach a gallery? (e-book) courseware

“How to approach a gallery?”©, is an e-book, written by Jenny Judova. Judova is the specialist where it concerns the primary art market in London. As the founder of Art Map London, Jenny Judova is well informed about what goes on in the art scene. If you want to learn more about the role of a gallery, the art professional, the collector, the art dealer and the role of the artist, our advice is to study this e-reader in detail. Based on her experiences, Jenny Judova explains how you as an artist can best advance your artistic practice. She writes about how to avoid traps and what steps you take best to implement a professional practice. She extensively discusses the different presentation spaces which are available in the art market, from artist-run project spaces and to established international galleries. Judova writes in a direct and clear style, which really helps you to acquire a extremely useful set of tools to push your artist practice further.

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Publication: PDF E-book
Text: Jenny Judova
Translation: Jan-Willem van Rijnberk
Editor: Michiel Brand
Design: Maaike Verwijs
Language: English
45 pages

About the author

Jenny Judova (b.1984) MA Art History University of Glasgow, UK is the founder of Art Map London. Art Map London is an extensive listing website that lists all art events in London. London Art Map stemmed from Jenny’s desperate feeling that there was no place on the internet that showed an overview of upcoming exhibitions and art events in London. With this goal in mind, Jenny Judova decided to take matters into her own hands and so the London art calendar, Art Map London came to light. In 2014 she launched a Kickstarter campaign to provide funding for an update of  Art Map London. Meanwhile, Jenny Judova became a specialist on the primary art market in London. SEA Foundation is pleased to collaborate with Jenny Judova in supporting artists, growing their professional careers.