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How to approach a gallery? (e-book) courseware

“How to approach a gallery?”©, is an e-book, written by Jenny Judova. It is based on her experience with contemporary art and the art scene in London. Jenny Judova is the specialist where it concerns the primary art market in London. As the founder of Art Map London, Jenny Judova is well informed about what goes on in the art scene. It is because Jenny Judovas’ clear view and observation, that this e-book “How to approach a gallery?” is a must-read. If you want to learn more about the role of a gallery, the art professional, the collector, the art dealer and the role of the artist, our advice is to study this e-reader in detail.  In “How to approach a gallery?” Jenny Judova explains on the based on her experiences, how you as an artist can best advance your artistic practice. She writes about how to avoid traps and what steps you take best to implement a professional practice. Jenny Judova extensively discusses the different presentation spaces which are available in the art market. From artist-run project space and to established international gallery. Jenny writes in a direct and clear style, which really helps you to acquire a extremely...