Lisa Couwenbergh – Under the Skin

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Under the Skin, a catalogue and textbook have been launched. Also digital published on ISSUU.

Couwenbergh makes us realize that depiction means creating illusions and that interpretation lies hidden in both the viewer and the work itself. You can leave interpretation to what happens between work and viewer, not to what an artist says or what a writer thinks they needs to write. Of course, some elements can’t be denied, whether it’s a book, an eye, a face or a book, but the real meaning doesn’t lie in the literal depiction or in what we consider to be serious or light-hearted art. Interpretation happens in the moment when people and art interact.

Chapbook in two sections: image catalogue and textbook, bilingual (NL/ENG)
Pages: 2 x 24 pages
Dimensions: 12 x 19cm
Pamphlet stich
Edition: 30 copies
Text: Robert Proost and Riet van Gerven
Design: Li Yanda and Han Weiran

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