Mila Lanfermeijer | The Age of Wire and String

The text in this publication was commissioned by SEA Foundation, and was conceived against the backdrop of  Mila Lanfermeijer’s residency period at SEA Foundation, culminating in the exhibition Ever so Humble, Ever so Proud (2018). This solo exhibition showed the works of the interdisciplinary artist combined into an installation, and was the result of Mila Lanfermeijer’s artistic research where she explored the possibilities of a garment as a sculptural medium and canvas. Her oeuvre is characterized by a critical and deconstructive attitude towards the political, social and cultural concepts that are often projected on material objects, as well as the artisanal production processes in our society.

Artist’s book
Text: Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk
Photography: Kyle Tryhorn
Design: Thomas Payne
Edition: 100
Each book has an individual cover that is hand painted on canvas, and is numbered and signed by the artist.

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