Peng Zhang | “Little Tu Gou” | Collectible

Peng Zhang’s work is characterized by earthly tones which reflect the landscape of his childhood. He is a farmer artist band brings his base to the land and works by bending over or kneeling on the land or collaborating with people as ways of producing. My materials stem from the land and nature and my techniques originate from rural life which in essence could be seen as mirroring a farmer’s relationship to their land and nature. Zhang’s installation in SEA Foundation’s vitrine (16.10. – 15.11.2020) is an ode to insects that were his childhood playmates. On the occasion of the project, the artist made a paper cut edition of eight individual pieces. Charcoal titled “Little Tu Gou” (Playmates in Memory).

Edition: 8
Dimensions: variable sizes, approx. 19 – 27 cm x 5 – 8,5 cm

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