Sidney Aelbrecht | With a little help from my friends

On the occasion of the exhibition With a little help from my friends (2017) by Flemish artist Sidney Aelbrecht, SEA Foundation launched this riso printed publication with a separable risoprint included (limited edition of 39).

Aelbrecht’s practise consists of painting, making music and installations. In his work, Sidney examines the unconscious. His paintings are constructed from fields of colour and they depict trivial but meaningful objects placed in surreal environments. These seemingly naive images reveal layers that refer to philosophy, art history, literature as well as personal symbolism.

Artist’s book
Risoprinted publication
Texts: Miriam van Ommeren, Britte Sloothaak
Design: Katrein Breukers
Photography: Kim Pattiruhu
Including a separable A4 risoprint by the artist
Edition of 39

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