Steye Felix – Goodbye to my Imaginary Friends

Accompanying the exhibition Goodbye to my Imaginary Friends, SEA Foundation presents a catalogue and textbook.

As a tight-rope walker Steye Felix creates compositions charged with tension by combining form and color in such a way that it feels ever so slightly off balance. At first glance his paintings appear calm and poised, but a small stripe of pink protruding through two shades of mossy jades sends you teetering of the brink – almost. Well-placed brushstrokes are sanded down and entangled with new ones. His works often include no more than three or four different hues, but the borders of his canvases reveal a spectrum of advances made until the desired contrasts were achieved.
Text by Nathalie Hartjes (Director Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem)

Chapbook in two sections: catalogue and textbook, bilingual (NL/EN)
Pages: 2 x 24 pages
Dimensions: 12 x 19cm
Edition: 30 copies, signed and numbered
Poems and text: Robert Proost
Translation Heleen Klomp
Design: Jinhee Kwon

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