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Being an XL member, you actively support SEA Foundation to realize its goals.

In return you get:

  • our bimonthly newsletter about our programme and activities directly in your mailbox;
  • a selected product out of our store offered at a 15% membership discount, every two months;
  • invites for all our opening receptions;
  • on top of that a free invitation to join our special featured member’s event, once every 6 months.

Thank you for supporting SEA Foundation and for your choice to become an XL member.



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SEA Foundation is an independent, artist-led and non-profit organisation, that offers alternative environments and structures for artistic research, experimentation, discovery and production. Currently, we are not funded by major funding bodies. All our activities are made possible by the collective voluntary efforts of motivated team members. That is why we ask for support from a diverse range of public and private sector partners. This backing is vital to the success of our work. Do you appreciate art and do you value what we do? Become a SEA member.


Your membership = active support for SEA Foundation. It is of immense value to us.