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Our ongoing support of artists’ practices with residencies, mentoring and a public programme, evolves in parallel with our longer-term research and interdisciplinary dialogue on art and sustainability.

In this research, we bring forward pressing ecological issues, including climate change, pollution, the loss of biodiversity, environmental rights, and social injustice.

We propose a capacity, in 12 folds, that allows permissive multi-rational interpretation, that functions as an experiment; An alternative model in which artists, curators and researchers can think, debate and create without predetermined outcomes and thus unfold fields of possibilities.

In discursive public activities like reading groups, exhibitions, screenings and talks, we disseminate findings, ideas and opinions which, regardless of the format, connect to the care for our Earth and the need for contemporary art in real-time.


SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation, We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. SEA Foundation seeks support from public and private sector partners, whose support is vital to the success of our work. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.


fold #05 on Awakening
August – November 2022
See full program of activities on the theme of Awakening in relation to sustainability.
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Hertta Kiiski | Artist in Residence
Resident from Finland
September 2022
Hertta Kiiski imagines an alternative past or future. Her work addresses complex relationships with the planet.
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Book list fold #05 on Awakening
Recommended reading list
Find reading matter and get ideas on what books are of interest to artists, curators and scholars on the theme of Awakening.
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Lisa Maartense | WARP #05
30.09. – 23.11.2022
Lisa Maartense’s work is focused on the experience of encountering and fabulation through a process called “The Finding of Findings”.
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Reading session with Jun Zhang
Reading on Awakening no. II
5.10.2022 at 7pm CEST online and on-site
Reading and discussion with artist Jun Zhang. We read and discuss a text from Exhalation (2019), a publication with short stories written by Ted Chiang 
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Pauline Berger | WARP #06
28.10. – 18.11.2022
For the exhibition at SEA Foundation, Pauline Berger is exploring weight and restraint, not as forces that limit us but provide ground and potential to situate ourselves.
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fold #04 on No hurry
April – July 2022
See full program of activities on the theme of No hurry in relation to sustainability.
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From The Battlefield | Programme
Curated by Maria Vtorushina
13.07 – 23.07.2022
From the Battlefield is a programme with Ukrainian and Dutch artists and thinkers. Locations in Tilburg: SEA Foundation, LocHal, De Pont Museum, and Cinecitta
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Reading on Awakening | with Christopher van Ginhoven Rey
Reading on Awakening no. I
25.08. – 19:00 CEST online/on-site
Reading a selection from the book The Space of Literature by Maurice Blanchot with artist and writer Christopher van Ginhoven Rey.
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Rebecca Birch | Artist in Residence
Resident from Norway | United Kingdom
July 2022
Rebecca Birch tells stories of place-based encounters between people and ecosystems and corresponding entanglements of human and environmental timescales.
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Mirthe Klück | Artist in residence
Resident from The Netherlands
June – July 2022
Painting, drawing and ceramics. Mirthe Klück plays with materials, ingredients and the mind to surprise herself and others.
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A part of the way: together with Thorsten Baensch
26.05.2022 – 09.07.2022
An insight into the multifaceted and interdependent work of the artist Thorsten Baensch: painter, draughtsman, bookmaker, traveller, and curious communicator.
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