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Our ongoing support of artists’ practices with residencies, mentoring and a public programme, evolves in parallel with our longer-term research and interdisciplinary dialogue on art and sustainability.

In this research, we bring forward pressing ecological issues, including climate change, pollution, the loss of biodiversity, environmental rights, and social injustice.

We propose a capacity, in 12 folds, that allows permissive multi-rational interpretation, that functions as an experiment; An alternative model in which artists, curators and researchers can think, debate and create without predetermined outcomes and thus unfold fields of possibilities.

In discursive public activities like reading groups, exhibitions, screenings and talks, we disseminate findings, ideas and opinions which, regardless of the format, connect to the care for our Earth and the need for contemporary art in real-time.


SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation, We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. SEA Foundation seeks support from public and private sector partners, whose support is vital to the success of our work. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.


fold #08 on Spirit
July 2023 – October 2023
See the full program of activities on the theme of Spirit in relation to sustainability.
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Mucho Mas! | Lunch talk and studio visits
Curators from MUCHO MAS! present their space, curatorial lines as well as previous and upcoming projects and current personal interests. Following the talk there is a lunch.
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Book list fold #08 on Spirit
Recommended reading list
Find reading matter and get ideas on what books are of interest to artists, curators and scholars on the theme of Spirit.
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Reading On Spirit with Pam Virada
Reading On Spirit
28.09.2023 at 7 pm CEST online and on-site
Pam Virada suggested an essay Laughing at the Spirits in North Siberia: Is Animism Being Taken too Seriously? published by e-flux and written by Rane Willerslev.
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Joran van Soest | WARP #12
23.09 – 15.10.2023
In this solo-exhibition, Dutch artist Joran van Soest presents new works forming a context to foster interaction and the building of connections.
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Video Art and Experimental Film Event | VAEFE II
Walk-in Cinema
30.06 and 01., 02.07.2023
Bringing a selection of  video artworks and experimental short films to Tilburg that highlight the theme of Solidarity related to art and sustainability
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Reading On Solidarity II with Golnar Abbasi
Reading On Solidarity II
22.06.2023 at 7 pm CEST online and on-site
Golnar Abbasi suggested essay called Women Reflected in Their Own History published by e-flux and written anonymously, in Persian by L.
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Chantal van Rijt | WARP #11
14.08. – 09.09.2023
Chantal van Rijt continues the material research of a secretion produced by insect, Kerria lacca, and presents the adaptation of her work A Plea for the Unpleasant in the WARP exhibition.
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Syzygy | WARP #10
30.06 – 05.08.2023
Dutch art collective Syzygy is showing an adaptation of their work Body Tide during the film event VAEFE II, in collaboration with Cas-co Leuven.
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Reading On Solidarity I with Charlotte Jarvis
Reading On Solidarity I
25.05.2023 at 7 pm CEST online and on-site
Artist and lecturer Charlotte Jarvis suggests the essay Baroque technopatriarchy: reproduction written by Paul B. Preciado and published by the international magazine Artforum
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Cem A. and Jina Khayyer | Curators in residence
Residents from the UK and France
July 2023
Curator and artist Cem A. and poet and writer Jina Khayyer welcome a diverse group of artists and researchers to SEA Foundation to dialogue about Solidarity and the Mesopotamian diaspora.  
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Chantal van Rijt | Artist in residence
Artist in Residence | August 2023
Chantal van Rijt
Chantal van Rijt’s practice is driven by experimentation. During her residency, she will continue with the investigation of materials used in her previous work A Plea for the Unpleasant. 
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Syzygy collective | Artist in residence
Artist in Residence | June 2023
Syzygy is the artist col­lec­ti­ve of Mireille Tap and Brieke Drost. They repre­sent two gene­ra­ti­ons joi­ning for­ces to claim their posi­ti­on as fema­le art pro­fes­si­o­nals.
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fold #07 on Solidarity
April 2023 – July 2023
See the full program of activities on the theme of Solidarity in relation to sustainability.
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Loren Snel | Solidarity and the radical art of slowing down
Loren Snel writes on solidarity with nature and The Future Library
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