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Our ongoing support of artists’ practices with residencies, mentoring and a public programme, evolves in parallel with our longer-term research and interdisciplinary dialogue on art and sustainability.

In this research, we bring forward pressing ecological issues, including climate change, pollution, the loss of biodiversity, environmental rights, and social injustice.

We propose a capacity, in 12 folds, that allows permissive multi-rational interpretation, that functions as an experiment; An alternative model in which artists, curators and researchers can think, debate and create without predetermined outcomes and thus unfold fields of possibilities.

In discursive public activities like reading groups, exhibitions, screenings and talks, we disseminate findings, ideas and opinions which, regardless of the format, connect to the care for our Earth and the need for contemporary art in real-time.


SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation, We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. SEA Foundation seeks support from public and private sector partners, whose support is vital to the success of our work. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.


Jolijn van den Heuvel & Bas de Weerd | sprinkle never-in-a-rush-essence
Resideny & Exhibition
23.09 – 16.12.2021
Residency in the Kaiserpassage and a duo exhibition at Das Esszimmer in Bonn. Part II of the exchange project between Das Esszimmer & SEA Foundation in 2021.

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fold #02 on Commons with Willem de Haan
Willem de Haan explores copying and appropriating imagery as a form of collective labour.
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Book list fold #02 on Commons
Recommended reading list
Find reading matter and get ideas on what books are of interest to artists, curators and scholars on the theme of Commons
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fold #02 on Commons
July  – October 2021
fold #2 on Commons is part of SEA Foundation’s longer-term programming on art and sustainability. Read the full programme here
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Reading on Commons | with Sophia Holst
Reading on Commons no. II
18.11. – 18:00 CEST online/on-site
Invitation to take part in the reading session with current Jan van Eyck Academy resident Sophia Holst reading an excerpt from the book Common Space: The City as Commons by Stavros Stavrides.
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Reading on Commons | with Laura Castro
Reading on Commons no. III
02.12. – 16:00 CEST online/on-site
Reading an excerpt from the book A Moving Border. Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change, with Laura Castro, an alumna of ’20-21′ curatorial program Formation Camp at de Appel.
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Curator Visiting Programme | Myymälä2
Visitors from Finland
12.09 – 20.09.2021
Curators Ramiro Camelo, Egle Oddo and Timo Tuhkanen from Myymälä2 vsit the region of Noord Brabant
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Video Art & Experimental Film Event #1
Walk-in Cinema
23 24 25.09.2021
Bringing a selection of 22 video artworks and experimental short films to Tilburg that highlight the theme of the Commons and Commoning.
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Jaclyn Mednicov | Artist in Residence
Resident from United States
July – September 2021
Jaclyn Mednicov is an American artist who draws inspiration from everything that grows, blooms and decays in her garden.
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Tudor Bratu & Willem de Haan | with The Balcony
Collaborative research-based residency
August – November 2021
Artists Tudor Bratu and Willem de Haan collaborate on the invitation of SEA Foundation and The Balcony (Den Haag) by conducting their research towards ‘Commons’.
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Reading on Commons | with Amy Franceschini and Futurefarmers
Reading on Commons no. I
16.09. – 18:00 CEST online
Invitation to take part in the reading session with Amy Franceschini and Futurefarmers reading Mika Hannula’s and Michael Taussig’s texts.
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fold #01 on Empathy
March – June 2021
See full program of activities on the theme of Empathy in relation to sustainability
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Enrico Floriddia | Artist in residence
Artist and researcher from France
October 2021
The art practice and research of Enrico Floriddia encompasses books, exhibitions, residencies and gatherings.
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Open Call | Video Art and Experimental Film Event
Submissions closed
The Video Art and Experimental Film Event (VAEFE) first edition, themed Commons and commoning will take place in the Autumn of 2021. We are calling for submissions. Deadline 16.08.2021 noon (CET)
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