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Our ongoing support of artists’ practices with residencies, mentoring and a public programme, evolves in parallel with our longer-term research and interdisciplinary dialogue on art and sustainability.

In this research, we bring forward pressing ecological issues, including climate change, pollution, the loss of biodiversity, environmental rights, and social injustice.

We propose a capacity, in 12 folds, that allows permissive multi-rational interpretation, that functions as an experiment; An alternative model in which artists, curators and researchers can think, debate and create without predetermined outcomes and thus unfold fields of possibilities.

In discursive public activities like reading groups, exhibitions, screenings and talks, we disseminate findings, ideas and opinions which, regardless of the format, connect to the care for our Earth and the need for contemporary art in real-time.


SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation, We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. SEA Foundation seeks support from public and private sector partners, whose support is vital to the success of our work. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.


Partnering with Kaos GL
Civil Society Exchange Program
2020 – 2021
KAOS GL LGTBQ activists from Ankara, Turkey partners with SEA Foundation in capacity-building program initiated by MitOst and Bilgi University in Istanbul
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fold #01 on Empathy
March – June 2021
See full program of activities on the theme of Empathy in relation to sustainability
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Jesse van den Berg & Eva Spierenburg
April | July 2021
Collaborative research based residency
Artists Jesse van den Berg and Eva Spierenburg collaborate on invitation of SEA Foundation by conducting  their research towards ‘Empathy’.
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Book list fold #01 on Empathy
Recommended reading list
Find reading matter and get ideas on what books are of interest to artists, curators and scholars on the theme of Empathy
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Reading on Empathy | with Katarina Jazbec
Reading on Empathy no. II
17.06. – 18:00 CEST both online and offline
Invitation to take part in the reading session Memetic Traps: Forests, Images, Worlds with guest reader Katarina Jazbec that wraps around and beyond the theme of empathy.
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fold #02 on Commons
August – October 2021
SEA Foundation introduces a new approach with a fluid exploration of the theme of Commons through a continuum.
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Reading on Empathy no. III | with Sheng-Wen Lo
Reading on Empathy no. III
08.07.2021 – 18:00-20:00 CEST both online and offline
SEA Foundation invites you to take part in a reading session on the tension between science, empathy, utilitarianism and regulation. We can welcome reading group attenders offline.
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Eva Spierenburg & Jesse van den Berg | Intertwined
02.07 – 28.08.2021
The duo exhibition ‘Intertwined’, is the conclusion of a collaborative research towards ‘Empathy’ from Eva Spierenburg and Jesse van den Berg.
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Hillside Projects | THEY WHO WERE
29.04. – 05.06.2021
The solo exhibition by Hillside Projects (Emily Berry and Jonas Böttern), a Swedish artist duo, deals with the intertwining of nature and man.
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Studio Encounter Danielle Lemaire | By Julia Fidder
Studio Encounter
Danielle Lemaire
Assistant curator Julia Fidder visits artist and muscian Danielle Lemaire in her Eindhoven studio talking about her facination for Nick Drake and melancholia amongts other themes.
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Group Exhibition | My Mother’s Daughter
Group Exhibition
29.01 – 16.04.2021
In the group exhibition ‘My Mother’s Daughter’, several artists show what a mother means to them, from the birth of the child to the death of the mother.
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Claudia den Boer | To pick up a stone
Exhibition and Book Launch
20.11 – 06.12.2020
Connect to earth or perhaps even eternity. This is what Claudia den Boer (NL) aimlessly aimed for when picking up stones and time became irrelevant. The poetics of landscape in photography and an installation.
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Marjo Postma | Symbiosis
04.09. – 11.10.2020
Discover line and linear development in the works of Marjo Postma. The exhibition combines drawings, watercolours and graphic works with recently produced works at the EKWC
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Reading on Empathy | with Mari Keski-Korsu
Reading on Empathy no. I
20.05. – 17:00 CEST online
SEA Foundation would like to invite you to take part in the reading session that wraps around and beyond the theme of empathy along with the hydrofeminist thought.
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Hillside Projects | Artists in Residence
April | June 2021
Hillside Projects
Residents from Sweden
Artist duo Jonas Böttern and Emily Berry Mennerdahl have a multidisciplinary art practice that is prompted by current events in and around nature.
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