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SEA Foundation provides residence programmes for artistic research, experimentation, and production out of which an ongoing public programme emerges.

The programme consists of exhibitions, screenings, talks, workshops, and publications. It focuses on challenging perceptions of what constitutes as contemporary art, and also, to bring the audience closer to the practices that motivate to produce contemporary art.

With this urgency as a point of departure, we aim to create a better understanding of how, in nowadays society, contemporary art can be defined in an operant and lucid way.


SEA Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist-led organisation, We are benefitting from collective support and a warm network. SEA Foundation seeks support from public and private sector partners, whose support is vital to the success of our work. Go to the donation page and care for art by giving too.


Claudia den Boer | To pick up a stone
Exhibition and Book Launch
20.11 – 06.12.2020
Connect to earth or perhaps even eternity. This is what Claudia den Boer (NL) aimlessly aimed for when picking up stones and time became irrelevant. The poetics of landscape in photography and an installation.
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Partnering with Kaos GL
Civil Society Exchange Program
2020 – 2021
KAOS GL LGTBQ activists from Ankara, Turkey partners with SEA Foundation in an 8 months a capacity-building program initiated by MitOst and Bilgi University
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November 2020
The art ecosystem in the Netherlands needs additional funding to grant all the institutions that were “possitive” ascessed by Mondriaan Fund experts.
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sea_youhere | Project
Virtual Vitrine Edition #2020
Art and Sustainability
sea_youhere aims to share knowledge and expand the network of artists and curators from all over the world. The 2020 edition is themed #artandsustainability.
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Risja Steeghs | WARP #4
11.12.2020 – 17.01.2021
Risja is the embodiment of her artworks and objects. She sees her practice as a diaristic documentation of life itself. She is the fourth artist exhibiting in the WARP programme.
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Arja Kärkkäinen | Artist in Residence
Resident from Finland
January – February 2021
Helsinki-based visual artist Arja Kärkkäinen focuses during her residency on developing new work. In collaboration with the Tilburg Textile Museum
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To Be Or To Have Presents
On the occasion of the group show To Be or to Have Presents, a catalogue was made. It featured 23 (inter)national artists and as many works measuring at max 20x20x20 cm
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Nina van de Ven | Inspired by Ethnography and Popculture
Nina van de Ven, artist in residence at Cove Park, Scotland
Nina van de Ven focuses on the topic of non-Western objects in Western museums of Ethnology. During the Cove Park residency, she aims to uncover questions on appropriation, validation and responsibility. Text by Marieke Folkers
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EUROPALIA ROMANIA | by Lieselotte Egtberts
Cyprian Mureşan | Virginia Lupo
The 2019 edition of EUROPALIA, Belgium’s multiple cities cultural festival, pays particular attention to Romania. Lieselotte Egtberts highlights the works of Ciprian Mureşan in Ghent and Virginia Lupu in Aalst, Belgium.
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Klaas Burger | Exposing Blind Spots through Art
Studio encounters
by Marieke Folkers
That art in our polarized society is one of the few tools we have to confront, to connect, and to practice shared attention. Klaas will reflect and research this further while in residency at Cove Park.
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Freja Niemann Lundrup | Sculpting an Outside for the Inside
Studio encounters
by Marieke Folkers
Through her stone sculptures, the Danish artist Freja Niemann Lundrup aims to visualise the internal psychological processes of the body. At SEA Foundation she focuses on the ‘Unheimlich’ in relation to horror and trauma in the body.
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Jon Tarry | Catching the Moment
15.07. – 25.08.2019
A piece of crumpled paper is carried through the air. Its flight path is undetermined, where it lands is unknown. Text by Rebecca Niculae
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