Three gallery spaces

SEA foundation is located on the ground floor in the former shop house of Gust van Dijk. There are three exhibition areas. Facing north there is a grand façade with a multifunctional shopwindow which allows for 24/7 display. Facing south there are doors that open to the patio and a lush garden for showong works in the open air. The multipurpose space in between lends itself perfectly for presentations of artworks in various mediums as well as performances, gatherings, talks, workshops and screenings. There is approximately 70 m2 floor space and 24 linear meters wall space.


Project Space Floorplan at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands
By Peter Woestenberg


SEA Foundation welcomes meaningful collaborations and alliances. We encourage suggestions for cooperation, proposals and ideas. Do you have an idea for a project or would like to invite us into your plans? We welcome digital proposals in PDF format. Please note that documents sent by post will not be returned. All proposals will be carefully studied by SEA’s team and will receive an answer within 6 weeks. Together we are more!

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To Be Or To Have Presents
Nina van de Ven | Inspired by Ethnography and Popculture
EUROPALIA ROMANIA | by Lieselotte Egtberts

Products in our Shop

Lucandrea Baraldi | Unfolding Experiential Landscapes #1
Paul Drissen – boogje boogje lijn lijn kleur vlak punt.
Timotheus Tomicek | Half a Life