Project Space Tilburg

The public program in our Project Space is amalgamated and produced by SEA Foundation’s team members. Our program is an interchange in which the artistic practices mixes with intersectional-ecological thinking on topics related to nature, climate, ecology, shared life, transculturation, gender and feminism. In doing so, we propose capacity that allows for a partially permissive multi-rational interpretation. To reflect in the momentum of the imagination on how we can make critical and inspired content choices regarding increasing digitization and globalization in relation to our local connection. On the basis of long-term research and interdisciplinary dialogue, we focus on discursive and educational activities that are an essential part of our program.

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To Be Or To Have Presents
On the occasion of the group show To Be or to Have Presents, a catalogue was made. It featured 23 (inter)national artists and as many works measuring at max 20x20x20 cm
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Jon Tarry | Catching the Moment
15.07. – 25.08.2019
A piece of crumpled paper is carried through the air. Its flight path is undetermined, where it lands is unknown. Text by Rebecca Niculae
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Collette Rayner | I Presume You Pictured it Differently
18.10. – 24.11.2018
Collette Rayner is Scottish and was born in Dundee. She is an artist and writer based in Rotterdam and Dundee. She makes drawings, films, installations, experimental animation and texts.
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Floor plan

There are three project areas. Facing north there is a grand façade with a multifunctional shop window which allows for a 24/7 display. Facing south there are doors that open to a lush garden ideal for working, showing or socialising in the open air. The multipurpose space in between lends itself perfectly for presentations of artworks in various mediums as well as performances, collaborative work, talks, workshops, and screenings. The exact measurements can be found in the floor plan below.

Project Space Floorplan at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands