Project Space Tilburg

The public program in our Project Space is amalgamated and produced by SEA Foundation’s team members. Our program resembles an interchange in which artistic practices interdisciplinary twist and wind, in connection to long term-research and dialogue on topics like sustainability, ecology, nature, climate, and issues linked socio-cultural environment and political setting. In connection to this, we propose capacity for a partially indulgent multi-rational interpretation of creative labour, and interpret in a permissive and tolerant way by reflecting on how affective material choices, imagination, and curiosity can make our thinking more sustainable and critically inspired.

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Video Art & Experimental Film Event #1
Walk-in Cinema
23 24 25.09.2021
A walk-in event brings a selection of video artworks and short films to Tilburg that highlights the theme of the Commons and Commoning.
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Jaclyn Mednicov | Artist in Residence
July – September 2021
Resident from United States
Jaclyn Mednicov is an American artist who draws inspiration from everything that grows, blooms and decays in her garden.
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Reading on Commons | with Sophia Holst
Reading on Commons no. II
18.11. – 18:00 CEST online/on-site
Invitation to take part in the reading session with current Jan van Eyck Academy resident Sophia Holst reading an excerpt from the book Common Space: The City as Commons by Stavros Stavrides
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Floor plan

There are three exhibition areas. Facing north there is a grand façade with a multifunctional shop window which allows for a 24/7 display. Facing south there are doors that open to the patio and a lush garden for showing works in the open air. The multipurpose space in between lends itself perfectly for presentations of artworks in various mediums as well as performances, gatherings, talks, workshops, and screenings. The exact measurements of the gallery can be found in the floor plan below.

Project Space Floorplan at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands