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Notes on Empathy | Publication

notes on empathy
Photo credits: Jinhye Lee


This publication is part
of SEA Foundation’s longer-term
research on art and sustainability
in fold #01 on Empathy.


Notes on Empathy

From March to June 2021, Empathy was unfolded through a programme of residencies, research projects, exhibitions, performances, and artist talks. In addition, three reading groups on- and offline and also a film screening took place at SEA Foundation in Tilburg. This publication Notes on Empathy is a selection of notes from SEA Foundation’s long term research programme on art and sustainability. The curation of archiving of the artistic endeavours by artists, writers, scholars and the SEA Foundation team follows the format of a notebook. fold #01 on Empathy, is the first of twelve folds that has been completed and documented in a scrapbook type publication. Mixed fragments of texts and images are assembled into a printed exploration of the theme of Empathy.


Notes on Empathy features projects of the following artists:

Mari Keski-Korsu, ambassador of fold #01 on Empathy
Hillside Projects, and their performance The Scavenger Collapse and their exhibition They Who Where
Bas de Weerd en Jolijn van den Heuvel conversations, and their residency at the Passage in Bonn as well as their exhibition ‘never sprinkle-in-a-rush essence’ at Das Esszimmer in Bonn
Jesse van den Berg and Eva Spierenburg, conversations and their exhibition Intertwined
Katarina Jazbec, and her film You Can’t Automate Me
Sheng-Wen Lo, artist for the reading group
Janine Francois, writer for text commission

Coordination Riet van gerven
Text curation Yael Keijzer
Design Jinhye Lee
Edition 60
Contains original prints
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The next folds will each comprise their own edition of Notes
You can find out more about the programmes, research and recommended readings below.

Other folds in the programme

Each fold has a separate list with suggested reading.

fold #03 on Happiness
November 2021 – February 2022
Recommended reading on Happiness (on display in the gallery)

fold #02 on Commons
July – October 2021
Recommended reading on Commons 

fold #01 on Empathy
March – June 2021
Recommended reading on Empathy

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