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Recommended reading fold #06 on Reimagining

Recommended reading on Reimagining 2022, image taken from the cover of the book ‘On the Necessity of Gardening, an ABC of art, botany and cultivation’ by Laurie Cluitmans Ed., 2021
Photo credits: SEA Foundation

December – March 2022

This recommended reading
list is part of SEA Foundations’
art and sustainability program
in fold #06 on Reimagining

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Publications on Reimagining

For fold #06 on Reimagining, we have been inspired by artist, writer and researcher Tessa Zettel and her artistic practice that relates to the fold’s theme: Reimagining.

Booklist inspired by Tessa Zettel’s practice

Hamilton, J. M, Zettel, T. & Neimanis, A. (2021). Feminist Infrastructure for Better Weathering. Australian Feminist Studies, 36:109, 237-259

Zetttel, T. (2020). Efforts against gravity / prristelyä painovoimaa vastaan. Sydney: Cloudship press.

Povinelli, E. (2022). Routes/Worlds. Aranda, J., Cain-Nielse, K., Vidokle A., & Khan Wood, B. (eds.). Sternberg Press.

Bubandt, N. (2017). Haunted Geologies: Spirits, Stones, and the Necropolitics of the Anthropocene. in Tsing et al (eds.).

Pringle, A. (2017). Establishing New Worlds: The Lichens of Petersham. in Tsing et al (eds.).

Alberto Maggini’s recommended reading

Muñoz, J. E. (2009). Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity. New York University Press

Ovid (8 AD). The Metamorphoses.

Bourriaud, N. (2022). Inclusions: Aesthetics of the Capitalocene. The Exform. Sternberg Press

Bourriad, N. (2016). The Exform. Verso Books

Kristine White’s recommended reading

Betasamosake-Simpson L 2022). Noopimping, University of Minnesota Press

Eng. D.L., Puar J.K. Left of Queer, (2020). Duke University Press, Journal Issue Social Text

Additional reading

F. “Bifo” Berardi (2011). Breathing: Chaos and Poetry

Bell, M. (2021) Appleseed. Custom House.

Grisold, T., Kaiser, A., Hafner, J. (2017). Unlearning before creating new knowledge: A cognitive process. HCISS. University of Hawaii. 4614-4623.

Haake, K. (2018). Assumptions We Might Make About the Post-World. Ricochet Editions.

Latour, B. (2018). Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climate Regime. Polity Press.

McKibben, B. (1989). The End of Nature. New York: Random House

Merleau-Ponty, M. (1974) Phenomenology of Perception (1945). London: New York. Routledge.

Papanek, V. (1972). Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change. Bantam Books.

Rocheleau, D. (1999). Beyond Dueling Determinisms: Toward Complex, Humane, and Just Ecologies. Human Ecology Review. Vol 2, 1999. 116-12.

Kueffer, C & Jill S. (2016). Redesigning Nature: Situating Art and Ecology. Transdiscourse 2: Turbulence and Reconstruction. Berlin; de Gruyter. 121-138.

Cluitmans, L. (2021). On Necessity of Gardening: an ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation. Amsterdam: Valiz

The Sustainable Darkroom. (2022). Re:source. Martin de Printers.

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