Reinoud van Vught

Reinoud van Vught

Reinoud van Vught at SEA Foundation, Tilburg, the Netherlands. Work: N.t., oil on canvas, 2011, 45 x 90cm.
Reinoud van Vught, n.t., 2010, oil on canvas 45x90cm

Painting and works on paper

Reinoud van Vught (Goirle 1960)  long ago found out that for him painting is a combination of experiment and action. Using a brush and paint, and a  variety of ways to add to the properties of the paint to canvas or paper. Reinoud van Vught relies on a spontaneous process. The painting process of Reinoud van Vught is not systematic. It has no methodical character. His work is intuitive, colorful and elaborate. Van Vught is a painter par excellence, a painter who has made the activity of painting his main theme. Without a plan and very little control he induces unpredictable behaviour of thin or thick paint mixed by himself. He paints his works on the floor, smashing with a brush, making circular motions with his hands or dappling the work with a wiper. He not only uses prepared canvases but also paper that he has previously soaked in water or stained with plants. Reinoud of Vught is fascinated by dense surfaces and his work is characterised by many visible revisions that develop into organic and floral shapes. His work is not purely abstract. You can point to religious motifs and alternatively recognize traces of a figure or animal. In the abstract, there is always somewhere a reference to something recognisable. Fortunately for him, nature has infinite appearances, from macro to micro, from water to sparkle, foliage, plants, algae, fungi and microscopic structures.

As a painter, Reinoud van Vught works on impulse. He likes to be curious and wonders about what happens to the canvas as a result of his actions; measuring, weighting and looking. His work can be typified as painterly. Reinoud van Vught:  “I’m always looking, and I always find something.”

“… I do not remember what I did, I want to be surprised.”

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