René Korten

René Korten

René Korten a glimpse into the studio, DUB 2011 [a series in 3 parts]
A glimpse into the artist’s studio:  DUB 2011, a work in 3 parts

Date: 15.10 — 27.11
Opening reception
14 October
7 – 9 pm.
the artist is present


Muse Atlas
René Korten
Paintings and works
on paper
from 2002 until now


Muse Atlas

Strictly controlled versus controlled spontaneity, line across mass, geometry opposite amorphous forms, it is precisely these contrasts that give the work of René Korten (Born in Horn, lives and works in Tilburg) a lively and sophisticated value. Mounted long the walls of the gallery space of Project Space Tilburg, the works direct the space and in presentation they are surprisingly appealing and confident.

The paintings of René Korten are composed of transparent layers which are arranged in combinations of dense and airy areas. Layers of controlled movements along stencils or tape, combined with freehand overpainting. The paint liquefies running freely over the canvas or is strictly controlled. This produces surprises which sometimes become highlighted, a result that emphases that coincidence can become emphatically visible.

To some of these works then the artist adds “external images”. Objects that have come on the path of the artist by chance. These ‘trouvailles’ are further upgraded and then inserted in the work by the artist to oppose and wider the painterly values which is already present in the work in a way that it results in these precariously balanced paintings.

MUSE ATLAS is the title of this exhibition at Sea’s Project Space Tilburg. An atlas symbolizes to René Korten, a gateway to another world and refers to wonder, daydreaming, expectations and to the demands of unknown territory – terra incognito. These bound and long ago observed worlds offer the artist interaction, recognition and meaning. In this way, such as reading an atlas, the viewer is invited to take a closer look the works of René Korten in the Project Space Tilburg at Gust van Dijk. The exhibition is on until November 27, 2011.

In preparation of this solo exhibition, we visited René Korten in his studio to talk about his art.

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