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March 2024 – June 2024


Fold #10 on Responsibility
Ambassador Darya Warner (US)


March 2024
Curatorial visit
Curator,  from

April 2024
Curatorial visit
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Reading on Responsibility with …….
Online and onsite 7 – 8 pm

Reading on Responsibility with …….
Online and onsite 7 – 8 pm


This research text is
part of our long-term programme
on art and sustainability in fold #010
on Responsibility


Find the full reading list on Responsibility here


Thoughts on Responsibility

We dedicate fold #010 to Responsibility as part of SEA Foundation’s ongoing research on art & sustainability. The research is designed and conducted in an open-ended format to enable us to navigate through different bodies of knowledge, expand beyond the boundaries of definition to approach the concept as a medium that is constantly re-constructed, re-signified, fractured, and mended.




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Reading sources

Eshun, K. (2003). Further Considerations on Afrofuturism. In Vol. 3, No. 2, globalicities: possibilities of the globe (summer 2003), pp. 287-302 (16 pages). Michigan State University Press.
Russell, L. (2020). Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto. London: Verso Books.

This is only a selection of reading resources on empowerment. For the full reading list suggestions, visit the Reading List on Responsibility

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