SangJun Yoo | Artist in Residence

SangJun Yoo Artist in Residence from South Korea

SangJun Yoo, Untitled 2016, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017

SangJun Yoo,  Untitled 2016, video installation

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SangJun Yoo

SEA Foundation welcomes Artist in Residence SangJun Yoo (b.1984) who is currently a graduate student in DXARTS Ph.D programme at the University of Washington. In 2015, he obtained his MFA in Art from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Jun has several years of experience of working for global design agencies, including MTV.

Exhibition: The Cloud in Rapids

During his brief residency at SEA Foundation in the Netherlands, he produced work together with four fellow artists for the exhibition ‘The Cloud in Rapids’. The show focuses on the growing technology and its effect on society. It’s not the question anymore ‘if’ we participate, but rather how. Whether it’s the rise of social media and the sharing economy, or working from a cloud environment with a smart device; all aspects of life are becoming increasingly connected, but at what price? Other participating artists are Janet Chan (AU), Simon Denny (NZ), Jonas Lund (SE), Junsheng Zhou (CN) and Damon Zucconi (USA) and SangJun Yoo (KR).

In his most recent work at SEA Foundation, SangJun walked a route through the city and monitored it in GPS. Afterwards, he revisited the journey through Google Streetview. Each frame of the walk is compressed and was blended into a video, subtly shifting and visualising the walk for the viewer. Notes taken by Jun during the walk are inserted in the video, occurring and disappearing on the rhythm of Rapid Eye Movement Data retrieved from the artist himself. During the exhibition ‘A Cloud in Rapids’ SangJun shows a 2-channel video installation with 4 frames, depicting the route on a map.

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Portrait of the artist SangJun Yoo, Artist in Residence at SEA Foundation 2017
SangJun Yoo, Untitled, Video Installation 2016, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017
SangJun Yoo, The Cloud in Rapids, Video Installation 2017, Artist in Residence, SEA Foundation 2017