Sanne Kabalt | artist in residence


Sanne Kabalt | artist in residence

Sanne Kabalt, ‘to lull and by[e]’, installation/lecture-performance with projections, singing, and spoken word. Presentation at Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, December 2022

12.04. – 04.07.

Meet the artist on:

24.05.2024 – sign up for the dinner and reading with Sanne Kabalt via the link below

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Sanne Kabalt & Douglas Tewksbury at Operator Radio

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Sanne Kabalt’s residency and project is part of our research programme Art and Sustainability in fold #10 on Responsibility.

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Sanne Kabalt

Sanne Kabalt (Amsterdam, 1989) is a Dutch artist whose creative expressions traverse the world of photography, often intertwined with written narratives. Her artistic palette extends beyond photography to include poetry, drawing, installation, projection, song and performance, all of which come together to articulate the thematic essence of each project.

Thematically, Kabalt explores the complex areas of illness, death, madness, loss and the inherent realities of relationships between humans and non-humans. Central to Kabalt’s work is the questioning of existential issues, such as the nuanced relationship between pain and its linguistic expression, the suggestive power of photographs in capturing absence and the ethical dimensions of photographic representation. In her work, she avoids definitive answers and chooses to immerse herself in the complexity of these questions, inviting viewers to participate in a contemplative journey.

While photography is conventionally fixated on static images, Kabalt subverts this notion by deliberately blurring the boundaries between process and product. Her interest lies on the process of creation and not simply the finished artwork, but the fleeting moments that precede and follow creation, creating a dynamic dialogue between the two.


Kabalt trained in photography academically at the Utrecht School of the Arts (2011) and continued a MA degree at the Dutch Art Institute (2018) in Arnhem. Her participation in notable exhibitions, include Beautiful Distress House (Amsterdam) NL, Württembergischer Kunstverein (Stuttgart) DE and Lítost (Prague)CZ, underscores her emerging prominence in the contemporary art scene. In addition, Kabalt’s commitment to education is evident in her teaching at institutions such as Merz Akademie Stuttgart (DE) and Buitenkunst (NL).

In 2018, Kabalt marked an important milestone with the publication of her first book, ‘Zolang je niet zo veel over problemen praat zie je er toch niks van” (As long as you don’t talk so much about problems you won’t notice any of it anyway), published by Het Vijfde Seizoen, which summarises her artistic vision and thematic concerns and preoccupations.

Sanne Kabalt will be present to (re-)install her work on four Fridays: 12/04, 3/05, 24/05, 14/06. You are warmly welcome to visit us while she is installing as well as during our regular opening times: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1-5 pm.

Sanne Kabalt website
Essay @Mister Motley by Sanne Kabalt

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