Sanne Kabalt ft. Douglas Tewksbury / Operator Radio / Annika Medin


Sanne Kabalt ft. Douglas Tewksbury | with Operator Radio & Annika Medin

Operator Radio


Tune in to the life session
at Operator Radio
between 12 and 1 pm


Moderated by Annika Medin


This event is part of the research programme on Art and Sustainability in fold #10 on Responsibility.

Link to the recorded session will be added later

AiR Tilburg

Sanne Kabalt on making art in the Arctic

On Friday, the 10th of May, we invite you to join a special conversation with Sanne Kabalt, this time airing live from Rotterdam-based Operator Radio. From 12.00 to 13.00 (CET) Sanne will discuss her internal and external observations and reflections on notions of nature and the self, while at the same time addressing critical issues regarding climate change and responsibility in the context of the Arctic Circle. 

During the one-hour show Sanne will give you – the listener – an insight into her personal music library – the soundtrack of her 3 week residency in the Svalbard Archipelago. You will even have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the sonic landscape of the Arctic Circle, captured through field recordings by sound artist Douglas Tewksbury. 

Sanne Kabalt

Sanne Kabalt is a Dutch visual artist, with a profound interest in photography and written works. Her artistic practice even expands beyond photography and text, including drawing, installation, projection, song and performance. In her work, Sanne focuses on the process in which the subjects of her interest interplay and she observes how this interplay allows for the development of new meanings and questions. Existentialism, the relationship between human and non-human entities, as well as questions of loss, death and pain are topics central to Sanne’s work. 

Sanne Kabalt website
Sanne Kabalt project glacier mother iceberg child
Essay @Mister Motley by Sanne Kabalt

Douglas Tewksbury

Douglas Tewksbury is a sound artist, an ambient and electronic musician, as well as field recordist from Hamilton, Canada. Tewksbury and Kabalt met during their residency in Svalbard, where Douglas gathered recordings for his newest release Floes: Volumes I​-​IV. The long-form ambient album consists of 16 tracks and only one instrument – the Moog One synthesizer, together amounting to “over 3 hours of glacial ambient music”. The four volumes are pressed on recycled plastic aqua-coloured cassettes, and is a carbon-negative product.

Operator Radio 

Operator Radio is an online radio station, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, located in a blue shipping container in the middle of the vibrant city. The radio station operates 24/7, featuring local and international DJ’s, artists and guest speakers. With a variety of shows featured on the platform – ranging from music to science to urban life and sports. The online radio station recently celebrated seven years of operation; of being a driving force behind the cultural richness and diversity of sounds and ideas within Rotterdam.

Operator Radio website

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sanne kabalt, Svalbard
sanne kabalt, Svalbard
sanne kabalt, Svalbard