Who we are

SEA Foundation is a residency-based venue for contemporary art. To fulfil our mission; To create awareness for contemporary art and to build cultural resilience, we act as a catalyst in the working lives of art professionals, artists, designers, curators and thinkers from all around the world.

In all our activities we are fuelled by visual arts. Transgressing the boundaries between disciplines and always putting the context and the idea before the medium. By working in different cultural contexts, SEA Foundation generates discussion, as well as being part of networks that concentrate on eminent issues. We have brought exciting emerging, renowned and much appreciated regional artists to Tilburg and beyond, to take part in the residency and exchange programmes and to present in solo and group exhibitions.

SEA Foundation was founded by artists Jan Willem van Rijnberk and Riet van Gerven. It was sourced from the needs for inclusion, solidarity as well as altruism and founded on intertwining artistic work and daily life.

What we do

In response to individual needs, SEA Foundation offers hospitality in art and operates as an alternative model of working; to reflect, to debate, and to make. We welcome art professionals at all stages of their careers to develop their practice further.


The curated art projects in the gallery concentrate on finding different ways of approaching ideas and questions. Showing solo, in duo’s, in groups, in uniformity or clash. Always creating a cumulative experience for our visitors, peers and public alike. The artists we work with range from Venice Biennial participants to emerging artists and recent graduates. Our related events include artist talks, screenings, creative workshops and knowledge exchange such as peer critique and write-ups.
We have brought exciting emerging and renowned artists to Tilburg to take part in the residency programme and to present in solo and group exhibitions


We offer our residents, space, dedicated time, and focus. In addition, we offer an extension to their network by interacting with regional peers and institutions. The outcome of a residency is not fixed as each resident has different goals and needs. The result can be a show, an artist book, a performance, or a reading group. Residencies can complemented by a discursive programme which is determined in collaboration with the resident and our team.

Why we do it

At a time when the added value of the arts is still under scrutiny, when professional artists mainly operate in loose structures of networks and self-organisation, SEA Foundation makes an effort to visualise the added value that imagination brings to society as well as bringing research and innovation in visual art to the attention of a wider audience. Imagination with an eye to the future makes us smarter, brings us prosperity and connects us. Without imagination our life on earth is over because we are not able to to discover anything new anymore.

Our core values

…..“We believe that artists offer extraordinary perspectives on society. Visual arts are necessary to push the boundaries, encouraging new ways of thinking, to celebrate or to lament the human condition.”

…..“We are committed to, experimentation and empowerment. SEA Foundation’s work is based on the conviction that contemporary art thrives best in practice”.

…. “We believe that curiosity, openness, and dialogue are the most important tools for engaging with our society and also with art”.

…..“We value regional, cultural and structural differences and respect identity and individual choices. We emphasize on connections and the power of network”.

…..“We promote research, exchange and the dissemination of ideas inspired by contemporary artistic practices across disciplines and cultures, in collaboration with a wide range of partners.”


SEA Foundation is housed in a four-story Amsterdam School style building. The house is comfortable and welcoming, offering residency studio’s, gallery spaces, 4-star Bed & Breakfast and a lush garden.


Outr home city Tilburg is a bustling town in the south of the Netherlands. Tilburg once was the wool capital of the Netherlands. In 1881 there were as many as 145 wool mills. In the 1960s the industry collapsed and by the 1980s the number of wool mills could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Present day Tilburg is a lively city with a rich interdisciplinary cultural climate. Museum de Pont for contemporary art, the Textile Museum with its labs, and the Nature Museum are in close proximity, as are the cinema’s, theatres and live music venues. The European Ceramics Work Centre (EKWC) is just a short bike ride away. Tilburg boasts a unique dance and music quarter and it is home one of the best universities in the Netherlands.

Central in Northern Europe

Tilburg’s location is central in Northern Europe. Ideally located for slow travel as Amsterdam, London, Antwerp, Paris and Berlin are within easy reach by public transport. On the fast track, in a little over an hour you may find yourself in Brussels or Cologne. Eindhoven Airport Eindhoven is just 30 minutes by public transport.

Arik Roper at SEA Foundation. Installation view of exhibition, Brilliant Shadows, at SEA Foundation.
Jens Standke, A tape runs on in silence, 2016. Solo exhibition at Project Space Tilburg, at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands. 10.09.2016 until 23.10.2016.