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#sea_youhere 2.0 | art and sustainability

Interface for Empathy by Mari Keski-Korsu, virtual vitrine #sea_youhere 2.0
Project SEA_youhere 2.0 | art and sustainability
Image: Mari Keski-Korsu, Holding Space with Trees in Kilpisjärvi, Sápmi / Finland, Field_Notes2018 by Bioart Society, photo by Martin Malthe Borch


Virtual Vitrine
curated by:
Michaela Davidova




sea_youhere concept by:
Giusy V. Castaldo

(thumbnail image credit:
Mari Keski-Korsu: Holding Space with Trees in Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, 2017. Edge Effects by Scottish Sculpture Workshop, photo by Ross Fraser McLean, Studio RoRo)

Logo of the virtual vitrine sea_youhere 2.0


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sea_youhere 2020

#sea_youhere is a digital exhibition and research project by SEA Foundation. In this cross-cultural project, we direct a diverse window of artistic practices and embrace a variety of perspectives, experiments, concepts, and personal stories. We aim to share knowledge and expand the network of artists and curators from all over the world. We invite artists, curators, and collectives to share exemplary projects of their practice in the proxy space of Facebook, Instagram, and our email newsletter. Throughout 2020 we highlight each month one practice. We reached out to the artist community through an Open Call sea_youhere 2.0


The Virtual Vitrine sea_youhere 2.00 revolves around theme #artandsustainability. We face the climate crisis, depletion of resources, extinction of species, the social and political uncertainties. We believe that artists and curators are visionaries, change-makers, thinkers, and positive value-keepers. Therefore, we are interested to see the new perspectives on how artists, curators, and collectives are relating to the theme of art and sustainability. What does it mean to be a sustainable artist? What is the focus of a sustainable artistic practice? With the theme #artandsustainability, we want to provide common ground for diverse individuals working in various media and disciplines while honoring their differences in culture, experience, and perspective. Check out our Facebook album

We have set up an account at platform. This is a visual tool where content can be shared with the community. We upload sources with relation to the theme of art and sustainability which inspire and educate. Like video talks, essays, books, and visuals. We include websites of the #sea_youhere artists and their diverse approaches to the theme and their inspiration to investigate sustainability from many angles.

Participants 2020

#01. Mari Keski-Korsu (FI)
#02. Ivetta Sunyoung Kang (CA)

#03. Futurefarmers (USA/BE)
#04. Alexandra Drenth (NL)
#05. Pedro Hurpia (BR)
#06. Tessa Zettel (AU)
#07. Michael Leung (HK)
#08. Cynthia Montier (FR)

#09. Miriam Hillawi Abraham (ET)
#10. Darya Warner (USA)
#11. P L A T E AU R E S I D U E (SL)
#12. Hrair Sarkissian (UK)


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