sea_youhere | Virtual Vitrine

sea_youhere | Virtual Vitrine

Project SEA_youhere | Virtual Residency. Image right 2018 SEA Foundation

Project for SEA Foundation
by Giusy V. Castaldo


This is an unique possibility for art professionists to reach new publics and to expand collective networks through the official website and social media. Project by Giusy Valentina Castaldo for SEAFoundation


AiR Tilburg 

Virtual Vitrine

SEA Foundation’s project sea_youhere is a virtual residency and a window that aims to share knowledge and expand the network of artists and curators from all over the world. It is a showcase for experiments, experiences, concepts and personal stories.

One month One practice

Every month SEA Foundation virtually hosts an artist, a curator, or an artist collective. By directing attention to their professional practice, to their individual or collective project on the SEA Foundation website and social media channels we envisage a wider audience.

Participants 2019

#09. Nicholas Daubanes (FR)

#08. Antonio Fiorentino (IT)

#07. Jeewi Rosa Lee (KR/DE)

#06. Vasco Araujo (PT)

#05. Eleni Bagaki  (GR)

#04. Marco Ivic (VZ/CR)

#03. Xiaoyi Chen (CN)

#02. Frederic Geurts (BE)

#01. Jessica Van Deursen (NL)







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