Harrie Liveart performance Club Solo Netherlands

On Saturday 11 June Harrie Liveart will perform in the building of Club Solo.
The Harrie Liveart duo is a long-term cooperation between visual artists artists Saija Kassinen and Mari Linna. In their work they combine video, sound, installation, sculpture and performance art. They founded the Harrie Liveart artist duo at the start of their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, and have been showing together as well as making performances for more than ten years now.
“Performativeness and the body as one material among others, along with a research-based mode of expression, are pervasive in Harrie Liveart’s works. The duo call into question the attitude that everything that is not included in history writing or which cannot be explained rationally is unintelligible, meaningless or marginal.”
Performance and Live Art Festival
June 6 – 12
Every day a different performance 17.00 – 20.00 hrs.
Curated by Myymälä2, Helsinki. As part of Hotel Solo 2022.