Jens Standke How to record Tilburg, Artist's Publication, on the occasion of his solo exhibition at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the NetherlandsSEA Foundation The Netherlands How to approach to a gallery by Jenna JudovaStijn Peeters, 10.000, artist's book on the occasion of the exhibition at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the NetherlandsThe Art Binocular, Jan-Willem van Rijnberk, SEA Foundation e-book coursewareCostin Chioreanu, artist's publication on occasion exhibition Departures at SEA Foundation Tilburg, the Netherlands.SEA Foundation The Netherlands How to approach to a gallery by Jenna Judova


Buy artists’ books, SEA Foundations’ publications and your Membership here. Soon this will also the place to pick up limited edition design and miniature artworks or buy courseware which we have developed to broaden your knowledge.


SEA Foundation is a non profit, artist-led organisation, benefitting from collective voluntary support and a warm network. Currently, SEA Foundation is not regularly funded by major funding bodies. Therefore we seek support from a diverse range of public and private sector partners who are vital to the success of our work Support

Artists books

The artists’ books are works of art which resemble a book. These exclusive editions are mostly self published with the support of SEA foundation and signed and numbered by the artist. They are created by artists who have been in the SEA Foundation’s Residency Programme and they contain art works, artist practices or concepts.

SEA publications

From 2014 onward SEA Foundation publishes, in limited editions, signed and numbered chapbooks that reflect and document exhibitions. Our in-house member magazine “Red Herrings” which is a collectors’ item and which contains poems, essays and artist notes, is published in a yearly edition of 500. SEA Foundation’s “Red Herrings” are distributed worldwide. Residents of our Artist in Residence programmes may also produce books that double up as a work of art in their exhibition at SEA Foundation or elsewhere.