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Recommended reading on Solidarity

a close-up image of a white book cover with red letters saying We Are Nature Defending Itself
We Are ‘Nature’ Defending Itself (Entangling Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones), by I. Fremeaux and J. Jordan, 2021, Pluto Press
Photo credits: SEA Foundation

April – July


This recommended reading list is part of SEA Foundations’ art and sustainability program in the fold #07 on Solidarity

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Publications on Solidarity

For fold #07 on Solidarity, our ambassador, Hong Kong-based artist and educator Michael Leung has selected seven publications that are connected either to his artistic practice or to the fold’s theme: solidarity. Finally, under ‘further reading’ you can find related publications or online reading matters that are recommended by our team members. 

Michael Leung recommended reading

The Invisible Committee. “To Our Friends.”Intervention Series. (2015)

Allen, B., “Lake of Heaven: An Original Translation of the Japanese Novel by Ishimure Michiko.” Lexington Books. (2008)

Campbell, A., Pierce H., Hannah., Hilmarsson H., “Immortal: Mourning, Martys & Murals.” (2019)

Rose. N. “The Prisoner’s Herbal.” Active Distribution. (2023)

Levine-Rasky C., Kowalchuk L.. “We Resist: Defending the Good in Hostile Times.” Amsterdam University Press. (2020)

Choudry A., Hanley J., Shragge E., “Organize!: Building from the Local for Global Justice. PM Press. (2012)

Fremeaux I., Jordan J., “We Are “Nature” Defending Itself: Entangling Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones (Vagabonds). Pluto Press. (2021)


Further reading

Spade D., “Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next).” Verso. (2020)

Morton T. (2019). “Humankind: Solidarity with Non-Human People.” Verso. (2019)

Kelly, J. L. (2023). Invited to witness: Solidarity tourism across occupied Palestine. Duke University Press.

Judah, H. (2022). How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents). Lund Humphries.

Westgeest, H.,Zijlmans K. (2021).  Mix and Stir: New Outlooks on Contemporary Art from Global Perspectives. Valiz.

Garcia-Anton, K. (2022). Art and Solidarity Reader. Radical Actions, Politics and friendships. Valiz.

Wadlow, A. (2022). Women Looking at Women Looking at Women Reclaiming Histories of Women in the Arts and Proposing Models to Facilitate Future Friendships. Page Not Found.

Sennett, R. (2016). Together. Meulenhoff.

Fletcher, H., July, M., Bryan-Wilson, J., Lark, L., & Russell, J. (2015). Learning to love you more. Prestel Verlag.

‌Rutger Bregman, & W Hansen. (2019). Gratis geld voor iedereen : over het basisinkomen, de 15-urige werkweek en een wereld zonder grenzen. De Correspondent, Maart.


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