Epilogue on Spirit


Epilogue fold #08 on Spirit

Chantal van Rijt The Threshold 2023 detail exhibition at SEA Foundation
The Threshold, detail, Chantal van Rijt, 2023
image by SEA Foundation



Playlist “You Simply Are” by Cas Egelie a.k.a. menu menu

Playlist “Sonic Spirit” by Suzana Lopez a.k.a. Susan Drone

Playlist “Spirit” by Costin Chioreanu

Playlist “Spirit talks” by Ophelie Naessens

Playlist “I am Spirit as are you” by Venus Patel

Playlist “My playlist #4” by Pei-Hsuan Wang

Playlist “Spirits” by Bernice Nauta

Playlist “Connecting on Frequencies” by Irene de Boer


This epilogue is part of our long-term research programme on art and sustainability in fold #08 on Spirit.


Find the full reading list on Spirit here.


“The land is the mother and we are of the land; we do not own the land rather the land owns us. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit, and our identity”.
Dennis Foley, a Gai-mariagal and Wiradjuri man, and Fulbright scholar.


In the domain of contemporary art, the fusion of spirit, feminism, and creativity is emerging as a dynamic force driving both individual emancipation and societal transformation. Following the publication of Starhawk’s Dreaming the Dark (2015), this fusion transcends conventional boundaries and evokes a deep sense of awakening. Feminism acts as a vehicle to amplify voices that have been historically underprivileged and reveal stories that have remained hidden. In this vast sphere where spirit, magic, action, liberation, care, and nurturing prevail, feminism embodies not only the fortitude of marginalised individuals but also the driving spirit and timeless wisdom passed down through the ages.

Ethereal barge

The universal language of music serves as an ethereal, omni-directional and vertebrated barge in which energies are harmonised. Music reflects the indomitable spirit that challenges established patterns of thought and reshapes reality itself, as does the transcendence associated with a consciousness of sustainability and defying societal norms. Through music and sound, the boundaries of time are crossed. Chords and lyrics become spells that call for change and unleash revolutions. For this reason, we have invited eight artists to give us a glimpse into their magical and spiritual world by sharing with us a list of soundtracks, music, spoken word, podcasts and soundscapes. In fact, anything related to sound and inspiration of their practice is allowed. The compiled playlists by eight artists are meant for the audience’s ears to experience and perceive, listen and receive the experience of expression and inspiration with different eyes.

Collection for metamorphoses

In this respect, the symphony of playlists inspired by fold #08 on Spirit, which we asked artists to compose, becomes a magical drape of the finest organza, that ingeniously connects the threads of human experience. The artistic input and the collection of playlists are a striking capture reminding us that in every note, key, and incantation brought together by artistic approaches, the power resides for profound metamorphosis, unfettered liberation, and the realisation of our most authentic needs for expression and (sustainable) living.

Listen to the Playlists

Epilogue on Spirit manifests as an exhibition for the mind as well as for the ears. Enjoy listing to the other worlds by Venus Patel (US/IE), Costin Chioreanu (RO), Caz Egelie a.k.a menu menu (NL), Susana Lopez a.k.a. Susan Drone (ES), Irene de Boer (NL), Bernice Nauta (NL), Pei-Hsuan Wang (TW/BE), and Ophelie Naessens (FR), and Gala-Porras Kim (CO/US).

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